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Let us be heard


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Black noble knight: Computer rules.

And we become a viral plague to wipe out all living forms and work to produce a supercomputer to be the remnants of all effort by man, woman, and child as we become viral plague traveling throughout the universe as viral material to destroy all living forms.

And the survivor is the wreckage of the Titanic smacking into the iceberg not acknowledging “the deep.”  The human smart not conceptualizing WQ, wisdom intelligence with a common subconscious of psyche economy surplus).

Instead, a supercomputer that is disregarded in WQ. Serving only itself and damning Man to a weak goodnight.

Destroying themselves and the ship–just because.
“Because why?”
“Just because.”
The end
(They never get it)
Never get it

From the deep comes answers effective to solve our problems and to live our lives of achievement in the face of adversity.

To create a new dawn. To fulfill the destiny of “generations-to-come” for homo (sapiens) (sapiens) sapiens.

A link to the future by our presence on exoplanet Earth now.

By our endeavoring selfishly we deliver applied science and applied technology that applies in all subject disciplines of study and consequentially, learning in an age of integration, not just nano-sized discoveries at the tiniest degree.

So read, “Fire and Light” by Burns.

And the God of Abraham invites us to “live another day” if we can.

To leave atheists to ethical principles that the religious prescribed too as well.

That the God concept overdo(s)es everything and, the religious can calm down and find our way with the atheists as theology places the responsibilty square on the shoulder of the prayerful and abstainers.

Act while others stand still.

Pray that we don’t devalue
ourselves the way we devalued life itself.

We can begin again.

And pace ourselves with a run on time for literal dead-lines.

Abraham Boulder

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When they spit you out…Or, it happens in India globally

First they collect information individually.

Then having mined countless amounts of sets of data, data processing the information, then tweaking with algorythms to collect from the processed data, completed data profiles of “situation 1,” “situation 2,” “situation 3,” etc. for these individuals.

Then repeating this sequence for each and every sequence applied, we have end results of data that then can be put completely aside.

And the data center, in the meantime, engineers profiles the government wants the individuals to have, replacing the original facts of life.

Blankets each and every person with profile data sets that blitz into each detailed “fact” of each newly issued person.

Such that “the emperor wears new clothes” when actually he’s a naked butt.

And the sudden “new me” has absolutely no relations with the former self.

And coping under these circumstances is agony– excrutiatingly difficult.

So here we are.

Government says no you’re not.

“Proves” that they “know what they’re talking about” and you try to cope.  Anxiety high.  You don’t know what to do.

So you turn out to have an “adjustment disorder” according to the authorities.

And a computer that tries to be Jack, from “Jack-in-the Box” is assigned to you to assuage your fears and clear your delusions from your mind that, the computer says, “you are not something you’re not” and, “get with it!  The me now is what matters.

“Otherwise, I am authorized to schedule a labotomy for you,

“To get to the bottom of this misunderstanding you are having.”

And all you want to is make fried eggs out of this fake box!

(Sheer hell!)

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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Too much doom, gloom

Did China sing hava nagilla . . .

Then kill many people in big old age home on the upside of Cedar River North??!

Near 149th Ave S.E. hill. Renton, WA

Was it a heist or ethnic cleansing?

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What to do? What to do? What to do?

China on the dresser.

China underneath?

Allegedly, a million or so.

They should join us to break bread.

But the complex is allegedly a deadend for humanity. Is that so?


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Where are we headed?

Do we navigate, do we steer?

Money speaks action.  Not hemoraging because the low-income worker and poor worker will put it to good use.

It will help the middle class to maintain confidence that is essential to a recovering economy.

Money for nascent green applied science and applied technology business and industry brings hope for tomorrow and continues to justify financial systems from collapsing by being the sustainable core of industry.

Therefore justify in market bouyancies in expanding industries from the sustainable core.

Green. Get it done. Do it now.  Watch for bubbles.

Have some faith.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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Viral strains bodies

1. Subhuman species

2. Brain is mass neuromeatloaf

3. Works directly with foreign (possibly galactic) viral strains

4. Log insect works by chemistry

5. Snake comes disattach from male person. Seems India China. Snake viral vs. homo sapiens

6. Log insect viral vs. homo sapiens sapiens sapiens

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NYTimes: Don’t Tell Anyone, but the Stimulus Worked

Don’t Tell Anyone, but the Stimulus Worked

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Tell it like is (copied from somewhere else)

Now we’ve done it. Now let’s get going Let’s get started, preparing for a financial windfall. G40. Private initiative. Marshall Plan II, $25 trillion in the energy field. “Sustainable Excellence©” read it!

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You do a good job and they want to put your head through a centrifuge.

Talk about Jack Fill-up in an earlier post

Don’t mention what Budiansky says about American intel, on page 306 of Code Warriors.

Here it is . . .

American intelligence structure with its perpetual internal bureaucratic warfare tangled lines of authority and wasteful inefficiency and duplication, but it probably also was an admission that even in helping to obtain the victory of containment over Soviet Communism the intelligence agencies have often failed spectacularly at crucial moments, and had left in their wake an often sordid trail of transgressions against law, morality, decency, and basic American values.


Abraham Boulder

(Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Vasquez Asia.)

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