When they spit you out…Or, it happens in India globally

First they collect information individually.

Then having mined countless amounts of sets of data, data processing the information, then tweaking with algorythms to collect from the processed data, completed data profiles of “situation 1,” “situation 2,” “situation 3,” etc. for these individuals.

Then repeating this sequence for each and every sequence applied, we have end results of data that then can be put completely aside.

And the data center, in the meantime, engineers profiles the government wants the individuals to have, replacing the original facts of life.

Blankets each and every person with profile data sets that blitz into each detailed “fact” of each newly issued person.

Such that “the emperor wears new clothes” when actually he’s a naked butt.

And the sudden “new me” has absolutely no relations with the former self.

And coping under these circumstances is agony– excrutiatingly difficult.

So here we are.

Government says no you’re not.

“Proves” that they “know what they’re talking about” and you try to cope.  Anxiety high.  You don’t know what to do.

So you turn out to have an “adjustment disorder” according to the authorities.

And a computer that tries to be Jack, from “Jack-in-the Box” is assigned to you to assuage your fears and clear your delusions from your mind that, the computer says, “you are not something you’re not” and, “get with it!  The me now is what matters.

“Otherwise, I am authorized to schedule a labotomy for you,

“To get to the bottom of this misunderstanding you are having.”

And all you want to do is make fried eggs out of this fake box!

(Sheer hell!)

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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