Natural Ontological Philosopher arguing for continuence of the human race, instead of holding himself to hubris, “knowing everything there is to know,” and thinking life a cruel joke.  A rather Tao impression coupled with destructive deities determined to make the human species the idiot species of the planet.

They’ll correct you and say they are quite intelligent–IQ, EQ, SQ or spiritual intelligence (values & meaning), but their WQ, their wisdom quotient, or wisdom intelligence, lacks the ability to prevent them from shooting themselves or their neighbor dead, and not on religious grounds, because they are too Enlightened for that.

 What’s missing is to know when? to use intelligence, what? intelligence to use, for how long? the (wisdom) intelligence, WQ, should be used!  Just because it’s intelligence, does not mean you automatically go there (IQ).

Also, when not, to use the intelligence (IQ, ergo, applying WQ). Pause. Reflect on wisdom literature in context of current history of the human species.

Let’s be clear, this work comes from me in meditative near-sleep state.  Find one you like and sleep on it.  Don’t take too much at a time.
Email= keven6543@gmail.com

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