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New York Magazine: The Best Books About Environmental Justice, According to Experts

New York Magazine: The Best Books About Environmental Justice, According to Experts.

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Under siege

Possible coup d’etat.

New world order outcome from opoid 10,000 times more potent than fenamen(?) that is 50 times more potent than heroin.

Homosexual rampage to destroy and rape constituents that keep a legally-defensible heterosexuality and shouldn’t be harassed or murdered.

Revised code of Washington State

Equal rights for honorable discharge (necessary to state)

Equal rights to religion.

Right to be white (equal rights)

Soviet abusing America after abusing Russia.

I’ve written on Soviet transforming to American Soviet Americanism (more in “how to conduct business and make adequate profit” for now and your next venture.)

Ideology can be messianic but impractical (read as “not profitable” and therefore not supporting life).

William James philosophizes with ideas practical in nature and leading to a more Calvinist culture (emphasizing blessings in profit–afterall it puts food on the table, can put clothing on your back, and God willing can pay for your habitat.)

Now, many of you come to America to stamp out genius in human nature.

So what is genius?

Genius is in American language definition of genius, that is: work skills–mental or physical, or both.

Genius of every man, and every woman, and every learning child is what keeps us alive!

Possibly flourishing. Possibly wealthy.

But I’ll say for those not aware of this, although I’ll get flack for sharing something both basic and fundamental: most jobs in the job market are small “mom and pop” shops or startups with no more than 50 people.

Your attitude matters. Your appearance matters. And your ability to learn matters.

So don’t give up on learning. Learn about businesses using references from the library (or college library) both with courteous requests to find kut what’s available, or what you can start your research with. And good luck!

Abraham Boulder

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Jalopnik: Researchers Warn Against Becoming Too Dependent On Hydrogen To Power Cars

Jalopnik: Researchers Warn Against Becoming Too Dependent On Hydrogen To Power Cars.

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Defined, a grapenut

A meme is an idea, the kind of complex idea that forms itself into a distinct memorable unit.  It is spread by vehicles that are physical manifestation of the meme. [The meme is internal representation of knowledge.]

By Richard Brodie

In other words, the idea comes from the universe of ideas and manifest itself physically on Earth in your drafted plans or written notes (PC or smartphone).

Aps exist to write down your dictation on to either type of computer.

By Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Vasquez Asia.

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Failure to compute

What to do about a man who is so shaky in his masculinity that he attempts by controlling my surroundings. Using acids, bennies, amphetamines to attempt to demasculine me when he never was in the Armed Forces. Is not a veteran. Does not have honorable discharge. And did not get a good conduct medal (for a job well done). I did.

What do you “own persons” who prostitute themselves instead of getting work.

And if it is business, when is it time to work. Or, when do you really work?

How do we know you not addicted and need to be acknowledged for treatment.

Try, “Recover to Live: Kick any Habit, Manage any Addiction” by Christopher Kennedy Lawford

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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The darkness of the soul.

Neither compassion nor mercy, understanding or compromise, neither domination or subservience.  But eradication, elimination, death of the soul.

To snuff the vitality out of life.  To be the hangman and the hanged.

To lie, cheat, and steal.  Only to do it with a smile.  To make agreements you do not intend to follow, or lead in.

Time now when “to be green,” let’s you lead the world in green technology.  To start a market based in knowledge of how to respond to an infirmed Earth host.  To heal our sins, to remediate our wastestreams. To prosper from our deeds in money and in a better life for all.

To revolutionize our minds; to keep up with exoplanet Earth, so she responds and returns to normal in 250 years.

To make 5, 6 years count.

A war to keep man, woman, and child(ren) alive.  To not go extinct.  To lead a destiny of generations-to- come.

And a future of mankind that devotes itself to the next generations.

To not lay idle.  To not, not start.  But to go the way of the frog.  That it too sustains life for generations-to-come.

That we are but one species that needs to live.  Others need to live as well.  To love, as well.

And to battle for homo sapiens (sapiens) (sapiens) that he not be extinguished by humankind.

That the battle is not over–it has just begun.

Arm yourself with the knowledge that time waits for no one.  And that we can, and must, get the job done.

Abraham Boulder

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What’s that you say


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Noncompliance to bugaboo

Poisons ad nauseum from UPS Federal Express and DHL International are marked “poisons” and get delivered upstairs or held by neighbors until someone claims it.

Philip Betrum Devinsky is responsible for putting molasses derivative on me from gravity feed. Boiled to loosen texture, put glucose on me because I’m a diabetic. To put me in insulin shock or hyperglycemia attack. Keven.

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