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“Unconscious, activating archetypal image”


“Whoever speaks in primordial images speaks with a thousand voices; he enthralls and overpowers . . . he transmutes our personal destiny into the destiny of mankind and evokes in us all those beneficient forces that ever and anon have enabled humanity to find refuge from every peril and to outlive the longest night.”

Carl Jung, p. 63, Liber Novus, Reader’s edition.

-Keven Jung Young


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Democracy vs. Totalitarianism, Natural Law vs. Realism

Thomism Catholic Fathers citing Father, God
hence, something learned from conception of a higher, caring Father whom is pro-living, sane order, redemption agency providing resilience and genuine love, immaterial wealth, some material wealth striven for, something for Something.

We are not alone. If it’s the hosts of the God of the universe, then it’s civilization that in spirit feels a desire in assisting with WQ, wisdom intelligence, at a time when we need it most.

A Father, God of beginning, Creator God, Higher Power of Health and Sanity.

Magic equals animating principles spirited in for amazement and wonder, focused for human singularity for complete focus on constructive endeavor. Has a feel about it, like selfish altruism–feeliing good and knowing we recalibrated our Destiny of our species with Father, God of the universe. For exoplanet Earth runs on universal laws and was in our recent past, still the garden of Eden!

We now leave Eden and pursue a course back to exoplanet Earth from Mars, to a planet that has gained some similarities with other planets in our solar system.

Seeing more of the universe in how we look at our planet, and less Eden, shocks us into realizing “we are, of the universe and not just this planet.” That universal laws are final and that we accommodate the universe instead of “non-Euclidean Hawking with an Earth isolated from true immensity.”

Abraham Boulder

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Intellectual Morality.

Seems to be off the grid. Not only is it not based on reality, it’s not truth.

They question everything into denial. Not only we do not really live, but don’t even try!

If it’s so intellectually viable, how come Moscow is in Soviet robes around it.

Totalitarianism totalizing existence because the intellectual elite think existence is a total waste of time. So then the thinking is, “down with democracy, scuttle a working market system that needs economic incentives besides any economic disincentive.”  Liberal economics is what it is called. “And introduce genocide as an act of JudeoChristian ethics and just plain, smart fiscal policy.”

Those that aren’t intellectual on purpose, know there is a lot of suffering and know the Jewish philosophy that states, “reduce suffering” is not at all naive, but greatly and grandly wise.  Also wise is that “genocide is not acceptable” and needs to not be part of economic policy, except to relieve suffering when possible, and keep sanitary life conditions.

To get your attention, it’s wisdom intelligent, WQ, and that grabs your attention, unless you’re dead–which, in that case, you’re professing destruction like mad (that living is a waste of time).  And it’s not really “like” either! To say we don’t really live is to really go “a million miles a minute.”

Madness from too high an IQ is still you living in a Madhouse. “Cool the engines.” Learn legitimate discrimination and applied knowledge with applied wisdom intelligence, WQ, which in the middle of the momentary-existence-that-we-are-living, is correct business, behavioral science for applied entrepreneurial economics (real emerging markets).  Standard economics (liberal economics) will catch on later, I assure you.

There’s (behavioral science) wisdom literature for your ereader. Wisdom is not being a big shot that your life is over, before you really ever live it.

Wisdom intelligence is getting the right information at the right time, and either acting on it, or not, act on something else, or not, something outside the box, or not, trying something “out of your mind” in ideas because Einstein said “you can’t solve the problem in the mentality that it was created.” There has to be a paradigm shift, a revolution.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven Young.


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This becomes imperative.

There seems to be terms in sociology and jurisprudence that are not given face-value. That what you see is not what you get, and what you get may be ill-defined.

Now some of the Ill-defined terms have been corrected; however, with regards ro totalitarianism, terms were dated in the 1930s were ill-conceived in their works and Straussian in validity (wholesale lies), or manufactured, partial, critical lies.

Coupled with a realism endowed with heavy machinery for world war or churning out bodies in ethnocleansing genocide; that all 20th Century thinking became suspect.

What the Professors and Fathers of Catholic Church were insisting on was Natural Law as it “descends from the heavens” and gets picked up off the ground by humanity, dusted off, examined in the light of day, maintaining pragmatic wholesomeness.

Defying critical actions to utterly destroy mental, physical, emotional, spiritual health, and then eradication of the human species for the fusion-powered, AI Virus dictator robotics.

Natural law has a long history that can be read on, to get an accurate appraisal and a confirmation that Natural Law is tmely, to-date.

That U.S. Constitution has a truth In it, an inalienable rights that comes from Divine values and an universal ceiling of sanity and health. That adequate reason can be established. And it is a Natural Law document.

That we recognize human irrationality in behavioral economics, but Do Not relegate reason, or reasoning, or specifically sound reasoning to the heap.

No Post-Modern cure, that perverts sound reasoning and then claims victory with Straussian lies coupled with heavy, mechanized Realism, for Post-Straussian laws betraying Truth and enacting totalitarianism–will due.

Not sound reasoning we have taken apart, unnecessarily, pleasurably,, pervertedly, and claimed victory over, under false pretenses–will due.

A culmination, and by-pass, is in order. For post-Enlightenment Period.

University thesis proudly argued to the demise of humankind serve as valuable resources, touchstones, if you will, to universal human regression in it’s finest, and precursor to totalitarianism, loss of complete human entity.

Opportunity here for urgent need to a wiser enlightenment, utilizing wisdom literature developed in the late 20th Century and this century, as well, termed in application, wisdom intelligence. (This wisdom that grabs your attention, does not put you to sleep!)

Or, knowing from evaluating, what to keep, what to rid ourselves of, what to sideline, what is important, what is urgent, when to take sideline material and act on it, when to try something different, totally different, or completely out of the box–when to try something: “what are you out of your mind??!’

Because Einstein said, “you can’t get the problem solved in the standard mndset you created it in!” Yes, now for the thing you’ve been rejecting ,for re-evaluatiom, and to envision the next paradigm!  Divergence from convergences.

Let’s begin.


Truth is actual, correct scientific experiments. Validate it. Ccnfirmed repeatedly correctly of it’s validity by future correct scientific experiments.

Reality is what you make it. References to actuality is your reality check to see if you are adequately in compliance with your norms.

Abraham Boulder.

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meme’s the word

PCB may have subdivided into five or ten “fill-up your candy with whatever it’s worth.”

If it is not trolls, PCB may be dead and a campaign is on to use the equipment to see who they fool and who they kill.

Have no accurate estimates on the multiples of PCB.

Accurate memes that actually you “see” take off, can be made into constutional language as amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

Enough amendments, so that people, population, feel comfortable in their U.S., but do business with sovereign entities and domestic and local markets, worded properly for the document.



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Words for moving the cheese

Memes towards biological evolution. Biological good and bad. Right, wrong. Correct Hobbesian greatness as a counterweight to our defaulted terrible nature, pragmatic so it’s usable and practical.

Human singularity of meditation focus on “own me” and Divine constructive influence that aids India in working very, very quickly for large dollar contributions to trillions-dollar global economy to feed it’s young.

Campaign of Nazi imbalance and Aryan death guttural utterances into language of dead and dying for formal doctorate, and even medical practice, granted by the Dalai lama, and tree of death symbol.

Need for life giving philosophies that take from Western and Eastern Enlightened philosophies and religions that main focus applied to the living in a world civilization and world societies. It is the lack of a new Dalai lama (next generation), that no future seems possible.

Old ways die slowly, and we’ve got to pick up the pace. I believe an angel venture business is working with researchers from Columbia University to make real business enterprises that emphasize private equity for individual initiative and individual OWNERship of the businesspersons’ take.

-Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia.



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For eternal destiny on exoplanets (including Earth), travels, and mining.

Paradigmatic seer of future events from universal consciousnesses that ultimately spell an eternal death, as life. We pray comes “peace” to the soul in spirit, resulting from actions spent on human destiny as Hebraic supremacy; specifically Joseph’s effort at saving brothers (in brotherhood) to continue humanity, symbolically.

The blessings from Israel (Jacob) symbolically represent humanity’s character. Joseph’s personality characteristic serves to bridge the world’s divisiveness for the continuance of the human species from overdone scholarship bent on murder and suicide as the paramount action of humankind.

The scholarship serves to lessen violence in speech or language, but guttoral utterances still point to self-destruction of the human species.

Human wisdom, in the form of wisdom intelligence, WQ (intelligence that grabs your attention instead of putting you to sleep; to avoid humlan extinction), so must concentratate historical soul paradigmatic future of human destiny based on the duality between slavery and freedom (Egyptian-Israel biblical depiction), and the law given in the Sinai, the exoplanet’s location for source of peoples who created nine civilizations including budding of the new world civilization from the philosopheical demise of the Roman Ceasar civilization, demise of Ionian-Hellenic civilization, the fall of the Persian civilization, the fall of the Egyptian civilization, the demise of the Cretian civilization, the fall of the Babylonian civilization, the demise of the Sumerian civilization–all sourcing from the Sinai people–represented by forty years walking at that location, and the giving of the Law or Torah for the specific purpose and function of humanity’s destiny in exoplanet symbolism. (Law can be followed if lifestyles desire, by following Noah laws, before Hebrews’ nows; and sourced from Sinai originally).

Something has to be said about China’s future nows as a World Society. They feel that the Communist Party can gain a future for it’s China of peoples whom must be acknowledged to lessen, better still, end fiscal policy of ethnic cleansing which by bio-genetic LAW, lessens the probability of survival of our human species by decreasing human diversity and the pool of varied percentages in our human genes, that appear facially as very different, but actually is a few percentages difference. The law is a scientific law that is not from Sinai, but nevertheless needs to be obeyed for it’s scientific validity and accuracy.  For human destiny.

It is human diversity that assures maximum genetic diversity to insure our survival of the human species.

It is in the working of the Communist Party whom does not want to recognize any Sinai persuasion that works out scientific inconsistencies to continue China’s future nows on exoplanet Earth.

This ethnic cleansing needs to stop globally in all nation’s or all sovereignties. With China the leader of Future Nows.

-Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia.


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