Is it all a matter of economic value?

Robot is classified under economic value. First, marketing of robots illustrate how smart they are and they get used in intensive manual enterprise at remarkable productivity rates.

Then they are dummied up after some time marketing of their wares.

This then builds economic value in the robots that have less smart module, emphasizing efficiency, no breaks, and minimal intelligence for maximum economic value as a result of not letting them get too smart to do an operation needing specific cognition but limited oversight in operations by these equipment.

As more robots do the work with minimal brain prowess, the knowledge aggregate of the lead AI robot is infused with smart module capable of smart corporate administration, but not so smart to outdo the company President and his executive staff.

The corporate AI CEO then serves and focuses on efficiency of organization.

Putting full economic value in the owners and the human executives desired by the president to keep him company and think along his business sense separate from the AI robot competition.

These are the remaining human entities.

But with progress economic value becomes superior at the functioning AI company president that wants, out of AI to infuse the thinking imprint of the president within the presidential AI machine to transfer economic value of the company president to a marketed progress economic superior value of AI President; whom will last 30,000 years to lead in manufacturing “squeezably soft” toilet paper for oil drenched bottoms of dummied up, robotic workers, management, executives, CEOs, and singularity-inspired, company presidents, AI Cadillacs®, whose model name of robot AI is called Jerry Jefferson, or Max Hamilton–based on company president’s name and thinking imprint for a time period referred to as a “technological eternity.”

Abraham Boulder.

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