Objective: affect sphere of influence, non-independent labs and scientists, totalizing natural human law, effecting margins of error at very, very, precise readings–we are directly influencing and influenced by the universe. Then, how much so? In applied technology?

Is ever the allowance occurring under the madness of professionalism and treating the population as masses, instead of solo enterprisers, or commonly defined, jew.

The majority of peoples need to feed themselves, cloth themselves, pay rent such that government assists but does not institutionalize self-promoters whom seek lucrative opportunities within the limits of the law.

It is a good jew–an aquisition of livelihood, that does not ignore private enterprise, private equity, private companies, and the scientific requirement that say, 30 percent of public stock must not be government in any way, shape, or form. The private reserve. Philantropy urgently needed, supporting of liberal free-thinkers, liberal institutions, enactment of laws expandiing equal rights to include the brilliant but suffering neuropsychiatric brain disordered, as a liability which becomes, by personal achievement, a remarkable asset–essentially–because of the breadth and depth the brain disordered brilliant are capable of–sheer genius–and do, in fact, achieve.

I am required to say that the genius is in the realm of normality, but killing two birds with one stone–it may very well fill the shoes of Einstein’s quote, something to the effect, “you don’t solve the problem in the mental social infrastructure, you created it.”

There’s got to be a paradigm shift. Or, as the law of chaos stabilizes on synergeistic energy or meaning, but can “come more together” via terseness, releasing tension energy and infusing confidence energy. Problem solved.

This is to say, “social” includes bank presidents, and economists, #metoo assertors; and tenured professors who outlived Max Planck’s emphatic that, “they should all die, content, so that paradigm shifts are achieved, solutions are made and applied technologies engineered.and the solution to our 21st-Century problems, achieved by the younger set.

Abraham Boulder

P.S. It is in, going to the moon, that we find the need to reduce the margin of error, or perhaps more accurately, contend with the universe’s margin of error and self-correction capabilities and re-alignment that portray’s the greatest human correctness.

Something sought when totalitarianism can increase margins of error as a direct result of applying unnatural human law to nature (humans). And thereby creating a sphere of influence that at very, very precise levels, are more than affect, but effective “in the stamp,” creating margin of errors that differ from independent and neutral laboratories and scientists.

Abraham Boulder

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