The problem with the good: Goodness to Greatness edited out for blandness and paltriness that doesn’t even come close to Divine symbolism, that would be carried forthrightly and transparently; in opposition to whitewash, harboring egregious, tactics, for, blackmarket cultural seduction and take.

Goodness to Greatness of any man, woman, and child persevering vice, set by greed to enact, and engage, Joseph Conrad’s ”the horror,’ blindly, placed in motion, awareness neutralized, resilience assured, death, at every turn of survival.

Redeeming power of the only one God saves, the ill-begotten, currency projecting on the silently abused. Acceptance, hailed outcry, declared, “white market business in-place, and happening.” Open for business. Bets are on.

A moment of prayer for the unfortunate, more than statistical metrics, bouncing back to a normal routine, silence eternal, until maturation and the coming of age, whence healing, can actually occur, does occur; and tragedy, and one’s past life can be put in it’s sullen belongings place, with hope of ending these kinds of actions.

Humming, white markets of the good economy supported by industry, private equity @percentage that liberal, scientific economics resorts to individual initiative, keeping populations alive, and in business, that amounts to maximum profitable yield before closing doors, deep sighing, in acceptance, and retake, of a new business, from one, dead.

The one percent, abundantly confident, supplied with jet setting mobility taken from both, the white and black markets. Obscene profits and obscene lifestyles, everyone here to “Make Their Day,” one of “good cheer” and opulence. Stopping at #metoo. Diving and driving into sex sporting, and juggeling a family, and your business returns for great fortune.

Another day. Currency and happenings. A good day, a good dollar. A hope for future brilliance, ontop of the goodness, counterweighed,
away from terribleness, by ordinary or splendid, greatness.

A tribute to survival, commerce, anti-corruption survival, and profitmaking and profittaking. The ideal, serves as a guideline to harvest prudence, stop naivete.

The take will always be there. But being clean, keeps the business up and running; and allows for decency, to get around, and catch comparable virtue, and magic partners of love.

All in a day’s work and the ability to live with yourself. To continue, continuing on with a smile, a hope, a prayer and tangible proof that profits are in, business is running, family is given adequate attention, and the less fortunate receive charity.

All in a day’s work. God bless our lives. God find in us the ability to turn around our proclivity for oppression and defeat! Replace this with a stronghold of decency, morals, and good taste!

Lord our God we know we can do better.

We humbly pray (if humble may be) to do better. Compassion. Forthrightedness. Correctness in the face of right and wrong, good and bad, great, and human waste, at-it’s-worst. Cooperation. Coordination. Collaborate on terms settled by myriad of opposing sides, favoring all as the disgruntled. But, with all, having stakes in the future, via merit and achieving success in our goals.


—Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.


Abraham Boulder.

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