Western song–totalin’ the truck.

[editor’s note:. This here is in Christian vernacular]

Totalitarianism: the state goes to spirit, tries controlling spirit, that they done do it before and will try it again, and again.

Jesus, Lord of Christian Heaven bestows the grace he said he would put upon thee, but then you gunndunnit! You put Jesus in state that would mean he is static monolithic like Soviet architecture monstrosities monolith!

Policy implementation skidadlin’ away from Natural Law that is what constitutes the U.S. Constitution, needing review for unnatural law and indecen[t]cies[sic] marked, unconstitutional.

And those considered within framework of the living document, our U.S. Constitution that doesn’t drive every sane and decent constituent away from contemporaneous United States of America to make edict, declaring independence and reject forthfrontly, that which feels “you put in your mouth, and just have to spit it out quickly from your mouth–that keeps happenin’.

.And the wonderin’ dies down. And you stop feeling like private lines don’t have no place in the privacy we call, “freedom.”. And constitutional, “liberty.”

Their historical souls can do their homework and amend lots, our U.S. Constution with amendments that makes promise to this nation, it’s people’s, and world all-around and the promise that the world’s inhabitants will live, continue on, evoking Natural Law for the legal right to live, the legal right for state identifying the people’s of the world, domestically and world society at-large, as homo sapiens and homo sapiens sapiens. That they do have legal existence as human species.

Others amended as needed. The Republic to it’s highest pride for our species’ existence, living, continue to live, fated death; while destiny is ensured a future by wisdom intelligence, WQ, spiritual intelligence, SQ, what values we shed for the Common Good, hankerin’ on goodness to greatness just because this goodness counterweighs our plum terribleness, our generation-to-generation Fall, lookin’ up at a God above, or just need to tend to frustrations and look ahead at a financial horizon that has fiduciary coupons and full redemption in 250 years; in order for the markets to be real and dollar be a real dollar, as just defined here in the field of applied entrepreneurial economics.

Then EQ, emotional intelligence will feel sound and confident.

And IQ will stop gamblin’ and invest in the only future we have, lookin’ down on 250-year projection, and financially planning every fifty years, not just twenty, ten, or five.

So, while the state totals Jesus, of holy spirit–it advances as needed: makes me wonder if Jesus, with spigot in hand, drinks from the keg, drinking, drinking, drinking, a whole bunch from the go-ahead from the Devil itself winkin’ at Jefferson and tell Thomas a lie and telling him “to be confident! That it’s alright!”

“Totalizing Jesus is okay, he says. Get ’em drunk, see??! Then send Him on his way, so he totals Himself, not just the truck, says that devil.”

Moral of the story is: you got us all drunk. You did it to Jesus what cannot be. You totalled him, “our ‘I am'” so he’s no more, and then we won’t be, then robots taking on our places, leave odds of a dead human species–dead even. And our eternity lost to the crush of totalititarianism. Because Jesus, was “brought into state,” that doesn’t happen, the holy spirit don’t happen the n state and your looking at a lot of clunky concrete tall walls, and a state that manipulate spirit, and declare Jesus dead.

In fact the Houses of Gamblin’: the U.S., Russia, China, Arabia pay you! to let us be an extinct species, gamblin’ not fairly, but tampered wins, for more wins, more take. Directly betting on the U.S. population taking the ruin of our homo sapiens sapiens and homo sapiens species to extinction.

So the odds aren’t that we will destroy the world’s inhabitants. The Pascalian odds are dead-even, because, ‘it’s a given, we will.” The world will be destroyed.

At least that’s their thankin’.

In fact they like us so complacent, that they give extra take to sweetin’ the pot of our destruction. Not-dead even. We’re paid to be complacent, and just let go of what matters by whole bunch of people who need, now, to be accountable on incognito, called phantom VPN (or a broadband signal hiding identity) and web browsers that themselves have the capacity to turn incognito (so the browser doesn’t save anything in history, and you aren’t seen, by anybody as you surf the web).

Discussions in private steady any paranoia.

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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