Whose minding the store.


“The Furnace of Affliction produces Refinement, in States as well as individuals.”
–John Adams.


While Hawking, esteemed Late Professor of Physics, breaks the billiard balls for arguments
from every imaginable dimension, the physicists manage to bump into, totali-tarianism, makes it’s way to learn how to manipulate and control spirit.

Israel, being mostly state also attempts to contain and squeeze out effect from the “Ineffable.” The hostilities may mean the viral genes are in the lead of scientists and their control environment is cause for viral mass to build viral colonies while the experiment centers on God.

Praised be Him. Also praise to Him from the Sabbath bride on Shabbat. Praise to our rock and Redeemer. Praise for family. Praise for friends. Praise for my own! me. Yours too.

Viral biomass and idea quanta, applied physics string curves and linesprecursor to biology’s s, can lead us in Destiny or Fate. Avoiding our extinction whenever possible, but limited in life span.

The bad virus effects microbiome by coloring their world nasty, and healthiness keeps virus at bay, distance from body illness by cleaning the body (a cleansing).

Viral biomass comes from the uterus and can be dealt forthrightly with a drip of rubbing alcohol.

Men’s aggressiveness is a profile of harnessing viral pods, which if ever found, can be thrown (if you throw it right, and damage the opponent.)

It certainly is a threat, at least. To someone unsuspecting.

But virus genes, 40 percent of human genes build colonies during human combat training, and in disfavorable work envitonments and family settings.

Family have a way of enduring, but too much viral colonies may be reason for divorce. And men and women get too much growth of these viral colonies, as genders. The growth in viral colonies can cause emotes via microbiome to imagine distaste, and hate, and overcompetition between genders by way of emotional intelligence. Things some get too much of, for sure.

Abraham Boulder.



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