The working brain.

We need behavioral science of brain pathology and neurodestruction, that show what a person is more inclined to do, behaviorally.

For example dead brain cells scattered about, where dead brain cells could induce siniterism from toxicity, and healthy creative brain spots show a potential development of innovation. Of the “physics of action,” or what was included in the subject of histrionics.

I think this, “reading of minds” by intelligences services, human or not, does a great disservice to society and freedom.

Instead, an examination of the brain, would be more aligned with order of democracy, the Republic, and Destiny of the human species.

To approximate possibility, instead of condemning a man, woman, and child to autonomous heresies that he will supposedly act in fact a certain way, when it is really a matter of inclination. The physics of “will” in the universe.

Genes form and the telomeres can be legnthened or shorterned, make for a human form more inclined to do good things if healthy.   Dark things inclined to happen when care for the body is undone.

Organic thoughts should not be the property of objects, but of my own (your own too).

Abraham Boulder


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