Time to win.

(Affective intelligence, affective intuitive. Gassendi’s reason is an aspect of spirit.)


Intuitive feeling. Wisdom intelligence involves affective intelligence because it may contain final final declarations alerting what is necessary to weigh or at least consider at the dusk of existence.

An affective intuitiveness based on possibility and the increased probability that subject should be checked for actuality based on the urgency or monumental discordance of the content of the intuitive feel.

It’s as important as the whistle at the end of the day, and is quoted to be the whistle upon getting up in the morning and taking a shower.

Whether the whistle for possibility is at morning or at night, do not forget emerging markets for real markets, real dollars, 5, 10, 20, and 50-year redeeming coupons in your investment instrument and the windfall 250-years hence for your descendants and their troubles, such that futures will bet on a 250-year equilibria achieved as high-yield investment instruments with greatest of all odds.

Real markets. Real dollars. Real financial instruments. Real futures with corresponding big, big odds–that we won’t blow it.  And we just may.

Aiming for constructive effort and endeavor, during mostly negative global affect, and cynicusm; dependent on positive emotion to avoid burn-out, or to avoid total burn-out.

Let’s win.

Abraham Boulder.

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