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Constructive animation principle, dictum: evolve via neurobioAI ethics with affective intelligence (EQ) and wisdom intelligence (WQ)

Easy to destroy, hard to rectify. Post-Enlightenment.

Disassembly deconstructionism, perverted Post-Modern “victory,” Straussian lies, Post-Straussian Acts of pseudo-science ena tments.

–Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia.

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Say, say.



I fade away,

Robot. carefully a lovin’

‘Causing death,
Nearly, not allowed to say
Extinct is not the way to go.

Caring for my self,
And partner too.
Who wonders when I’ll accept
“The way it is,” and
Help more around the house.

“The way it is”
Is private initiative,
With no “” bubble.

Separating new emergent business,
From “Enrons” galore,

Economic stimulation widening the energy field,
With 10 or 12 energy fields,
To cover our needs,

$25 trillion market value to win
Let’s get going,
On this Day.

Keven Jung Young.

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“On” time

Robodestruct “on”  Focus: no conscience “10 cm” to see, “if what you are doing is okay?” is removed from remaining brain.

Functions to complete tasks.centering on a destructive utopia.  Game “on.”. Discretion: be advised.


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Let me be clear

It’s about language–linguistics and physics–energy and motion.


Energy is inputted in correct cognitive faculty functions and correct actions on matter(s) concerning the next decade horizon with the goal to meet the 220-year exoplanet ecoequilibrium.


This learning process may begin after schooling, including graduate school.


The scheduling by Earth science departments and colleges.


Credit worthiness by a private rater, like Moody’s.  Determine grade of corporate bonds with respect to analysis conclusions of Earth science higher learning schools.  Standard computations for economic incentives and disincentives based on the Earth sciences.

Abraham Boulder

It’s not that the metanormal sixth sense doesn’t exist.  “Crises in Democracy” (you can buy the academic report on the internet) states that metaphysically, they could not quantify the data or information received from the non-five senses (measure) in standard units.

But you can use a rating index that is relative pragmatically (not philosophically relative because then “all things being equal, all are legitimate and worthwhile from their standing point”.

From hideous and wretched, to bad off, to good deal, excellent work, to your most excellency!

We can measure the worth of someone and their ability to moderate, so that things don’t ‘fall off the charts” (like the chart of “hideous and wretched” h&w–> negative infinity.

Investing too much causes a “ bubble.”

Not separating from the next Enrons’s even if they are “impeccable” leaves emergent markets with opportunity “to fall flat on their face.”



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A quick remedy.

What if Jimi Hendrix were to, instead of “Purple Haze” took his guitar and “did a Moonie,” whom, busted his guitar up on the amplifiers; rather, went down to the audience, and brutally “busted up” the people he met there?

Would he then sing, “Are you experienced?”

When the rearing you endure leads you forthrightly, some say there is supposed to be pause for insight, before the foresight takes action. A pause they are quoted as saying “10 cm” worth.

Well, what if your arse sends you “head over heels” into medicinal poisoning, not in 10 years, should the species fail to save itself, but now in a “no-pause” wholesale slaughter, by poison, of populations of this world. Starting with U.S, which presently is toilet to the world’s hazardous and radioactive waste. To think of it as “medicinal use” resources.

Like the deforestation of the Amazon forests in South America, and the killing fields of Cambodia.

It’s no wait.” Express genocide.

–Keven Jung Young

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I have arrived. See if we meet “there.” Try this.

“…how metaphysical concepts, such as the self, morality, or our experience of the world around us are processed in the brain. We have begun to study how the brain forms concepts about free will, and how such experiences are perceived and interpreted.”

What Andrew Newberg calls, a study of “neurohermeneutics,” an interdiciplinary mingle of brain reality with philosophical ideation and sometimes biblical contexts. He adds,

“It is hoped that the concepts considered in this book will be able to help future scientists, philosophers, and theologians, as they proceed to develop their own metaphysical ideas by exploring existing knowledge and ultimately developing their own approaches based upon their own brain processes.”

!!Here goes:

our experience of the world around us”

Cartesian: you can only know the self. The world around us is secondary. Separating you from five senses.

Metaphysical ontology is the crises in “Crisis in Democracy.”

Philosophically at-large, Gassendi “reason is an aspect of spirit”; Carl Jung, an intuitive function of consciousness starting with five-senses consciousness; private. personal unconsciousness; a metanormal unconsciouness’ commons that typically recalls a venue(s) as a plot, to include normal group interaction scenarios with your self and others in imagination.

Such imagination occurs because “conversation-with-an-other” involves imagination irregardless if there is actual, primary communication, the bottomline is that it is secondary–in the common unconscious–and the individual oriented from consciousness to private, personal unconscious to an idea quanta site in the commons unconscious pooling imagination of a group or subgroup of imagined people (remembered from venue scenery) in a shared idea quanta (matter/energy) space for communication interaction at the secondary level of human (imagined) interaction. (Not “primary, actual,” or even “primary imagined”)

Abraham Boulder terms constructive philosophical achievement by, “psyche economy surplus,” differentially separating “constructive thought” from “destructive thought” exercised philosophically.

[thoughts deleted at an error occurrence (mine) via PCB’s fanatic, extremely spiteful modality competing for five-sense death and obscuring psyche economy surplus agency with “disruptor agency” for a remainder of only psyche economy deficit in substitution.

Speaks volumes in Faustian, delusional longevity, but sacrafices the future tense entirely.

This pathos and cognitive faculties of PCB illustrate “the demise theory” in Western thought and Eastern demise (nazi and Aryan) unbalanced group-death experience of Tao, which includes eternal jovial mental illness prevailing in saliency (in the biggest 4K UHD television screen ever devised for you “by the gods.”) Severe mental illness lunacy, eternally.

This is the sane theory for the purpose of explaining metaphysical phenomenon lacking status quo, popular explanations, and answers the question of if the imagination is actual. It depends what the five senses tell you to confirm your creativity or disprove your notion (including what necessary scientific instruments tell you, and original peer review on experiments and their conclusions, over time.

The answer is that it always needs a reality check with the use of one or more of our five senses.

A political science maneuver to never solve our pressing problems “out of mind;” that is, with 21st Century, beyond post-modernt thought.

Einstein is paraphrased in saying, “you can’t solve the world’s pressing problems in the mindset that they were created.”

Staying with the 20th Century thinker means retarded leadership in adminstering law and maintainng a prolific homocidal-order arrangement for democracy’s demise and a plunderer’s mentality that defies Hobbesian logic that, “pooled assets keep businesses honest.” Meaning, “gold reserves” kept in the economic and political system, or putting 21st Century minds to task to create “the beyond post-modern era” in liberal economy and democracy fueled by the expenditure of gold reserves payments in deliberate global economic and political development in a new paradigm with actual problem-solving achievements, occuring (i.e., shifting).

Abraham Boulder

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Kill the robot! Kill the program, not the man.

Given kill order. The man doesn’t exist
anymore. Plenty of personality, doesn’t mean he’s alive.

Change the program on this walking computer. Reboot and stop this senseless idiocy, and alleged violence, and alleged homicide.

Keven Young

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And what of it?!

“The complete ascent of living forms, lasting for several hundred million years, is a stupendous event. Though it does not prove life will progress any further, it certainly suggests that it can.

Do we really believe that human’s have lost life’s ancient capacity for transcendence?”

–“The Future of the Body”

Rooted in a grounding, making us avail to any name of Messiah besides “Jesus” is still, according to Carl Jung, the Messiah.

And what of it. Relevant to the cause, is that we don’t ascend into the stratosphere; instead Carl Jung’s Messiah descends to Earth to show he is “taller” than the good or the best of us.  Better at human goodness. Great at God Almighty.

Perhaps the Christian Son had a word with Father to mellow out his assertions.

And he ascends, and us with him, whether it be in final salvation, Or a saving grace and redemption in the course of the day that helps us fill out the Third Millennium.

Beware of those given the spoils of Heaven, while billions lie in predestination.

They see an Afterlife, but reject the life here on this exoplanet. To destroy, and compromise our clean water and food for simplicity in disrespecting human life.

Preventing the nourishment that we gain as we cleave in one flesh with our partner at mealtime.

Heaven blessed, they practice scourge economics as their strongsuit, in opoids and human trafficking.  In dealings, as the first global economy.  Let us do better.

–Abraham Boulder

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A correct path.

We did this mind thing. You know, “The mind is wonderful. The mind is great.”

Yet, we’ve had a lot of family dysfunction and the mind, consequently: is sick.

Then philosophically we reached a zero-ground plateau in Western Civilization, whereby, not doing anything about our intellectual environs, invites our demons to be destructive instead of constructive, and essentially takes us to our travails of Sub-Zero bottomless pit motion.

So the the mind is quite sick; we are mentally ill.

So then somatically, we respond to the germplasm, that is, information in the cell’s liquid before it acts on DNA.

But the new responses are a result of a different message of information from idea quanta of string theory, i.e., twists and sways, and string vibrations of information and it’s transfer, all with the dictum of “evolve-using-love” feeling in energy-moving-matter, such that humans utilize 60% humaness to harness the 40% viral genes and destiny=evolve=love somatically felt, and, consequent redevelopment of brain sequencing, or firing up of neurons, to new wider horizons, before never realized, via human idea quanta, microbiome-feeling information, DNA expression and memes taking us to brain paradigms to solve our problems caused by the previous mind states.

And expanding the “beyond Post-Modern era” with Post-Enlightenment kindle of worthy things to explore, develop, and apply; Less: things we do to harm or destroy us.

Solving much needed problems, we reside in a new mindset, in a Post-Enlightenment era consciousness, or common unconscious.

Abraham Boulder.

–Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia.

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e=mc(2) McDonald’s Don’t fail big like Thomas Edison

The Realism and Hope Foundation


If m = what matters; namely, evolving physically.

And c = the constant, continuous profit-making in green business.

e = those things that “m,” matter most, green, green, green, green. If constant square steady profit, big profit, over 250 years.

Thus e = mc(2)

If internet medical doctors have a valid point, the beef that is bred for McDonald’s has recently no hormones and if the cows are fed the grass field, then your heart grow healthier, not acquiring heart disease.

The parallel would be stem-cell grown beef, and by cutting edge thinking, a consumer can eat quality beef, high fiber burger buns, and take fish oil capsules and actually decrease his cholesterol and not develop heart disease.

Why, Thomas Edison failed in business, big! Because he thought his business expanding in scales of economy was guaranteed success.

Edison’s business ran on direct electric current resources. Alternative current was…

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