A correct path.

We did this mind thing. You know, “The mind is wonderful. The mind is great.”

Yet, we’ve had a lot of family dysfunction and the mind, consequently: is sick.

Then philosophically we reached a zero-ground plateau in Western Civilization, whereby, not doing anything about our intellectual environs, invites our demons to be destructive instead of constructive, and essentially takes us to our travails of Sub-Zero bottomless pit motion.

So the the mind is quite sick; we are mentally ill.

So then somatically, we respond to the germplasm, that is, information in the cell’s liquid before it acts on DNA.

But the new responses are a result of a different message of information from idea quanta of string theory, i.e., twists and sways, and string vibrations of information and it’s transfer, all with the dictum of “evolve-using-love” feeling in energy-moving-matter, such that humans utilize 60% humaness to harness the 40% viral genes and destiny=evolve=love somatically felt, and, consequent redevelopment of brain sequencing, or firing up of neurons, to new wider horizons, before never realized, via human idea quanta, microbiome-feeling information, DNA expression and memes taking us to brain paradigms to solve our problems caused by the previous mind states.

And expanding the “beyond Post-Modern era” with Post-Enlightenment kindle of worthy things to explore, develop, and apply; Less: things we do to harm or destroy us.

Solving much needed problems, we reside in a new mindset, in a Post-Enlightenment era consciousness, or common unconscious.

Abraham Boulder.

–Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia.

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