e=mc(2) McDonald’s Don’t fail big like Thomas Edison

The Realism and Hope Foundation


If m = what matters; namely, evolving physically.

And c = the constant, continuous profit-making in green business.

e = those things that “m,” matter most, green, green, green, green. If constant square steady profit, big profit, over 250 years.

Thus e = mc(2)

If internet medical doctors have a valid point, the beef that is bred for McDonald’s has recently no hormones and if the cows are fed the grass field, then your heart grow healthier, not acquiring heart disease.

The parallel would be stem-cell grown beef, and by cutting edge thinking, a consumer can eat quality beef, high fiber burger buns, and take fish oil capsules and actually decrease his cholesterol and not develop heart disease.

Why, Thomas Edison failed in business, big! Because he thought his business expanding in scales of economy was guaranteed success.

Edison’s business ran on direct electric current resources. Alternative current was…

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