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In the decency

Two bodies. Good people. Assholes for New York.

Need to find their way to the graves they have gotten for themselves.

They lived in Manhattan. They happened to be Jewish.

Mr. Mueller, please get these two into the ground and quit thinking its 1952 and the USA has to (?) act worse than USSR to justify existence(?)

Let’s get going.

Abraham (Jeffrey)

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This is it.

Ubermensch is simply excelling in correctness.

Good or bad, right or wrong, yes or no, superior or inferior or level‐headed–correctness done via excellent productivity is the best human effort for literal deadlines.

This is so no matter if IQ is high, EQ is high, SQ is high, or WQ is Nietzche saying, “go past my thought exercises of plenty of Man on this exoplanet Earth,” done to move past Christianity in thought or philosophy and learn to excel correctly in “NASA on Earth.” The name of the combined agencies solving Earth problems, and collaborating with major pull, also by the private sector.

It is the path of correctness whereby doing excellence in productivity yields the human higher ground that answers our problems in delays of projects, accuracy and, again, correctness in solutions.

Although Nietzsche complements the Jew for performance in the world societies, this is philosophically a time for others to excel and keep their background heritage in tact, inclusive of the Jews,

Moving thought passed the worst manifestations of civilizations to a practical ubermensch.

Jesus or God exists (Carl Jung) or doesn’t exist (Nietzchian philosophical argument).

If God exists, He serves as the Higher Power (of a 12-step program) whom allows us to perform successfully (in ways, Man and Woman cannot do by his- or herself).

To succeed without foiling our own work.

Destined to avoid extinction. Destined to use AI as tool and Human Command. To learn how to manage fission and fusion correctly, not just right now, maybe wrong later.

Keven Jung Young.

Abraham Boulder

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