And what of it?!

“The complete ascent of living forms, lasting for several hundred million years, is a stupendous event. Though it does not prove life will progress any further, it certainly suggests that it can.

Do we really believe that human’s have lost life’s ancient capacity for transcendence?”

–“The Future of the Body”

Rooted in a grounding, making us avail to any name of Messiah besides “Jesus” is still, according to Carl Jung, the Messiah.

And what of it. Relevant to the cause, is that we don’t ascend into the stratosphere; instead Carl Jung’s Messiah descends to Earth to show he is “taller” than the good or the best of us.  Better at human goodness. Great at God Almighty.

Perhaps the Christian Son had a word with Father to mellow out his assertions.

And he ascends, and us with him, whether it be in final salvation, Or a saving grace and redemption in the course of the day that helps us fill out the Third Millennium.

Beware of those given the spoils of Heaven, while billions lie in predestination.

They see an Afterlife, but reject the life here on this exoplanet. To destroy, and compromise our clean water and food for simplicity in disrespecting human life.

Preventing the nourishment that we gain as we cleave in one flesh with our partner at mealtime.

Heaven blessed, they practice scourge economics as their strongsuit, in opoids and human trafficking.  In dealings, as the first global economy.  Let us do better.

–Abraham Boulder

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