A quick remedy.

What if Jimi Hendrix were to, instead of “Purple Haze” took his guitar and “did a Moonie,” whom, busted his guitar up on the amplifiers; rather, went down to the audience, and brutally “busted up” the people he met there?

Would he then sing, “Are you experienced?”

When the rearing you endure leads you forthrightly, some say there is supposed to be pause for insight, before the foresight takes action. A pause they are quoted as saying “10 cm” worth.

Well, what if your arse sends you “head over heels” into medicinal poisoning, not in 10 years, should the species fail to save itself, but now in a “no-pause” wholesale slaughter, by poison, of populations of this world. Starting with U.S, which presently is toilet to the world’s hazardous and radioactive waste. To think of it as “medicinal use” resources.

Like the deforestation of the Amazon forests in South America, and the killing fields of Cambodia.

It’s no wait.” Express genocide.

–Keven Jung Young

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