Democracy vs. Totalitarianism, Natural Law vs. Realism

Thomism Catholic Fathers citing Father, God
hence, something learned from conception of a higher, caring Father whom is pro-living, sane order, redemption agency providing resilience and genuine love, immaterial wealth, some material wealth striven for, something for Something.

We are not alone. If it’s the hosts of the God of the universe, then it’s civilization that in spirit feels a desire in assisting with WQ, wisdom intelligence, at a time when we need it most.

A Father, God of beginning, Creator God, Higher Power of Health and Sanity.

Magic equals animating principles spirited in for amazement and wonder, focused for human singularity for complete focus on constructive endeavor. Has a feel about it, like selfish altruism–feeliing good and knowing we recalibrated our Destiny of our species with Father, God of the universe. For exoplanet Earth runs on universal laws and was in our recent past, still the garden of Eden!

We now leave Eden and pursue a course back to exoplanet Earth from Mars, to a planet that has gained some similarities with other planets in our solar system.

Seeing more of the universe in how we look at our planet, and less Eden, shocks us into realizing “we are, of the universe and not just this planet.” That universal laws are final and that we accommodate the universe instead of “non-Euclidean Hawking with an Earth isolated from true immensity.”

Abraham Boulder

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