Intellectual Morality.

Seems to be off the grid. Not only is it not based on reality, it’s not truth.

They question everything into denial. Not only we do not really live, but don’t even try!

If it’s so intellectually viable, how come Moscow is in Soviet robes around it.

Totalitarianism totalizing existence because the intellectual elite think existence is a total waste of time. So then the thinking is, “down with democracy, scuttle a working market system that needs economic incentives besides any economic disincentive.”  Liberal economics is what it is called. “And introduce genocide as an act of JudeoChristian ethics and just plain, smart fiscal policy.”

Those that aren’t intellectual on purpose, know there is a lot of suffering and know the Jewish philosophy that states, “reduce suffering” is not at all naive, but greatly and grandly wise.  Also wise is that “genocide is not acceptable” and needs to not be part of economic policy, except to relieve suffering when possible, and keep sanitary life conditions.

To get your attention, it’s wisdom intelligent, WQ, and that grabs your attention, unless you’re dead–which, in that case, you’re professing destruction like mad (that living is a waste of time).  And it’s not really “like” either! To say we don’t really live is to really go “a million miles a minute.”

Madness from too high an IQ is still you living in a Madhouse. “Cool the engines.” Learn legitimate discrimination and applied knowledge with applied wisdom intelligence, WQ, which in the middle of the momentary-existence-that-we-are-living, is correct business, behavioral science for applied entrepreneurial economics (real emerging markets).  Standard economics (liberal economics) will catch on later, I assure you.

There’s (behavioral science) wisdom literature for your ereader. Wisdom is not being a big shot that your life is over, before you really ever live it.

Wisdom intelligence is getting the right information at the right time, and either acting on it, or not, act on something else, or not, something outside the box, or not, trying something “out of your mind” in ideas because Einstein said “you can’t solve the problem in the mentality that it was created.” There has to be a paradigm shift, a revolution.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven Young.


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