This becomes imperative.

There seems to be terms in sociology and jurisprudence that are not given face-value. That what you see is not what you get, and what you get may be ill-defined.

Now some of the Ill-defined terms have been corrected; however, with regards ro totalitarianism, terms were dated in the 1930s were ill-conceived in their works and Straussian in validity (wholesale lies), or manufactured, partial, critical lies.

Coupled with a realism endowed with heavy machinery for world war or churning out bodies in ethnocleansing genocide; that all 20th Century thinking became suspect.

What the Professors and Fathers of Catholic Church were insisting on was Natural Law as it “descends from the heavens” and gets picked up off the ground by humanity, dusted off, examined in the light of day, maintaining pragmatic wholesomeness.

Defying critical actions to utterly destroy mental, physical, emotional, spiritual health, and then eradication of the human species for the fusion-powered, AI Virus dictator robotics.

Natural law has a long history that can be read on, to get an accurate appraisal and a confirmation that Natural Law is tmely, to-date.

That U.S. Constitution has a truth In it, an inalienable rights that comes from Divine values and an universal ceiling of sanity and health. That adequate reason can be established. And it is a Natural Law document.

That we recognize human irrationality in behavioral economics, but Do Not relegate reason, or reasoning, or specifically sound reasoning to the heap.

No Post-Modern cure, that perverts sound reasoning and then claims victory with Straussian lies coupled with heavy, mechanized Realism, for Post-Straussian laws betraying Truth and enacting totalitarianism–will due.

Not sound reasoning we have taken apart, unnecessarily, pleasurably,, pervertedly, and claimed victory over, under false pretenses–will due.

A culmination, and by-pass, is in order. For post-Enlightenment Period.

University thesis proudly argued to the demise of humankind serve as valuable resources, touchstones, if you will, to universal human regression in it’s finest, and precursor to totalitarianism, loss of complete human entity.

Opportunity here for urgent need to a wiser enlightenment, utilizing wisdom literature developed in the late 20th Century and this century, as well, termed in application, wisdom intelligence. (This wisdom that grabs your attention, does not put you to sleep!)

Or, knowing from evaluating, what to keep, what to rid ourselves of, what to sideline, what is important, what is urgent, when to take sideline material and act on it, when to try something different, totally different, or completely out of the box–when to try something: “what are you out of your mind??!’

Because Einstein said, “you can’t get the problem solved in the standard mndset you created it in!” Yes, now for the thing you’ve been rejecting ,for re-evaluatiom, and to envision the next paradigm!  Divergence from convergences.

Let’s begin.


Truth is actual, correct scientific experiments. Validate it. Ccnfirmed repeatedly correctly of it’s validity by future correct scientific experiments.

Reality is what you make it. References to actuality is your reality check to see if you are adequately in compliance with your norms.

Abraham Boulder.

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