Words for moving the cheese

Memes towards biological evolution. Biological good and bad. Right, wrong. Correct Hobbesian greatness as a counterweight to our defaulted terrible nature, pragmatic so it’s usable and practical.

Human singularity of meditation focus on “own me” and Divine constructive influence that aids India in working very, very quickly for large dollar contributions to trillions-dollar global economy to feed it’s young.

Campaign of Nazi imbalance and Aryan death guttural utterances into language of dead and dying for formal doctorate, and even medical practice, granted by the Dalai lama, and tree of death symbol.

Need for life giving philosophies that take from Western and Eastern Enlightened philosophies and religions that main focus applied to the living in a world civilization and world societies. It is the lack of a new Dalai lama (next generation), that no future seems possible.

Old ways die slowly, and we’ve got to pick up the pace. I believe an angel venture business is working with researchers from Columbia University to make real business enterprises that emphasize private equity for individual initiative and individual OWNERship of the businesspersons’ take.

-Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia.



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