For eternal destiny on exoplanets (including Earth), travels, and mining.

Paradigmatic seer of future events from universal consciousnesses that ultimately spell an eternal death, as life. We pray comes “peace” to the soul in spirit, resulting from actions spent on human destiny as Hebraic supremacy; specifically Joseph’s effort at saving brothers (in brotherhood) to continue humanity, symbolically.

The blessings from Israel (Jacob) symbolically represent humanity’s character. Joseph’s personality characteristic serves to bridge the world’s divisiveness for the continuance of the human species from overdone scholarship bent on murder and suicide as the paramount action of humankind.

The scholarship serves to lessen violence in speech or language, but guttoral utterances still point to self-destruction of the human species.

Human wisdom, in the form of wisdom intelligence, WQ (intelligence that grabs your attention instead of putting you to sleep; to avoid humlan extinction), so must concentratate historical soul paradigmatic future of human destiny based on the duality between slavery and freedom (Egyptian-Israel biblical depiction), and the law given in the Sinai, the exoplanet’s location for source of peoples who created nine civilizations including budding of the new world civilization from the philosopheical demise of the Roman Ceasar civilization, demise of Ionian-Hellenic civilization, the fall of the Persian civilization, the fall of the Egyptian civilization, the demise of the Cretian civilization, the fall of the Babylonian civilization, the demise of the Sumerian civilization–all sourcing from the Sinai people–represented by forty years walking at that location, and the giving of the Law or Torah for the specific purpose and function of humanity’s destiny in exoplanet symbolism. (Law can be followed if lifestyles desire, by following Noah laws, before Hebrews’ nows; and sourced from Sinai originally).

Something has to be said about China’s future nows as a World Society. They feel that the Communist Party can gain a future for it’s China of peoples whom must be acknowledged to lessen, better still, end fiscal policy of ethnic cleansing which by bio-genetic LAW, lessens the probability of survival of our human species by decreasing human diversity and the pool of varied percentages in our human genes, that appear facially as very different, but actually is a few percentages difference. The law is a scientific law that is not from Sinai, but nevertheless needs to be obeyed for it’s scientific validity and accuracy.  For human destiny.

It is human diversity that assures maximum genetic diversity to insure our survival of the human species.

It is in the working of the Communist Party whom does not want to recognize any Sinai persuasion that works out scientific inconsistencies to continue China’s future nows on exoplanet Earth.

This ethnic cleansing needs to stop globally in all nation’s or all sovereignties. With China the leader of Future Nows.

-Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia.


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