Activities going in about the place

Straussian philosophy, Ph.D.

Straussian puscht, Psy.D

Post-Straussian, J.D. (laws enacted that lack correct, sound reasoning, not grounded in good science or ethics)

Read: “Demons” by Fyodor Doesteyevsky (“The Possessed”)


Read: “Fire and Light” by Burns

“Combustion,” word used by Thomas Jefferson to signify the revolutionary ideas and activities in the Enlightenment. (Scientific term)

Attempts at annihilation. Efforts at rape for trauma and creation of schizoid personality by making me reel inwards extreme radical aggressive homosexuality of a for-profit pejorative death cult of a New Jersey organized crime syndicate.

Read on the subject of “social problems” and “social illness.”

Read on “valueless society” which caters to the lowest dominator of us.

Look for answers to ecoplanet heurmeneutics.

(1) All starts false, like statistical models that always start at zero.

(2) Supermarket comparisons whereby

A comparres to B and B compares to C, C compares to A.

Thus A, B, C are said to be “relative” to one another in comparison shopping.

This also applies to self-fulfilling prophecies.

If God is dead. And Carl Jung is applied to the 12-step program for Him, the Higher Power (or singular God, Her in feminine tense of a name of God, the Higher Power),

Then we make the assumption that we just can’t be constructive enough without Him with feelings that take a scientific term, called “love.”

Loving God, loving ourselves with the universe ceiling of sanity enables us to seek constructive means for constructive results on schedule (on-time) while anticipating delays and arrivals–keeping an eye on the bottle necks and the 24-hour clock for a start of things during a 7-year stretch.

Loving as a objective scientific term for constructive endeavor, constructive achievement meeting literal deadlines.

And simultaneously, defense. A defensive department that hasn’t lost its way by protecting the love in Man and Woman for constructive action and constructive achievement on literal dead-lines.

No joke. And the greatest challenge of their lives.

Abraham Boulder

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