Show and tell?

When an industry rises to greatness, is it customary to brave new lows.

Seek Aryan perjorative death cult to attack and attempt an offense with the intent to destroy the white race.

In north, south, central America it is a mix abiding the Iberian peninsula that involves people interaction.

Black, red, yellow, and white brave enough to fight neighborly foes for living rights through living rites in North America, Asia and Europe.

What better show of living rites to first beat your chest and show your nuclear phalluses.

Then to the grace of a god, willingly, knowingly, you could be a god but truthfully it directs an insane role by which to act.

To take the 12-step way and allow a Higher Power to be the God of constructive endeavor to be the love of a scientific term, that though objective, is “love” real.

With effort, and deadlines for family and friends.  To know science was always to be a friend.

And to know in your heart the love you feel is for survival, and the evolution of homo sapiens sapiens sapiens and the the personal, intimate, the real of family.

Good things, for good people.

Abraham Boulder.    -Keven.

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