PsyD Chanq Intelligence not dismissed as irrelevant

Relevant of Love Objective only One God of generatons-to-come Destiny of Evretim tribe–not royalty.

Mordechai ben Mogen David: pro-life, living, Destiny and Nasi balance for humans in the universe and on exoplants. Florence for heterosexuals also and those believing in a constructive Creator of chanq energy and PhD intelligence. Creative arts meet smart AI applications used as tools to hyman command.

Next 300,000 years accompaying homo feme (sapiens) (sapiens) sapiens.  America 1st sharing in work and profit with world business, employees and encouraging effective charitable activities.  And intergoverment cooperation.

Reevaluate jew in 1,000 year peace between Jesus and science.

Jew is science and the only one God, Creator, God of beginnings.  Chanq energy.  Generation-to-generation human matter for chanq destiny.

Ancient Greek fate is toga party fatalistic, Aryan. Impossible.  Useless.  Not worthy the time, effort.  Too much scholarship and rearing for sound judgement.  A hopeless intelligence.

WQ, wisdom intelligence grabs you by the collar and “shakes your timbers.”  Says, “this wisdom doesn’t put you to sleep: agape.”

Let us keep up with literal deadlines.

Let us respond correctly for coinvid19.

Then correctly on this exoplanet so it’s universal laws do not make it a Mars or Venus.

Prophesy got Evretim to get off duff in Babylonia.

PysD in behavioral arts “after” Nietszche PhD thought exercise of Anti-christ to flow through to PsyD of Beyond Post-Modern synthesis and Post-Enlightenment after Deonstructionist decadence, Straussian lies, and Post-Straussian enactments of extreme psychopathic Machiavelian Narcissism Extremism legislature.

To clear highways, build a main structure in Jerusalem, renbuild cities around this main city.

The work was constructive and the energy was chanq.  Energy from extended telomere biomarkers and 14-day expositions, as well as 60-to-90-day excursions focusing on creatng and making profit around sustainabilty beyond the reach of party business people while enjoying pleasurable outings.

Maintenance on sustainables became critical and “hands off!” policy when people went to party at end of day or on business juntas.

PsyD objective love with Father figures and the “different” encouraging meeting literal deadlines.

Love & Chanq maintenance against Aryan death Nazi imbalance.  Atheists satisfaction.

Divine, the only one God of constructive achievement and project completion analyst.  Of good.  Of great.  Of work meeting requirements.  And off time not interfering with work and work progress. DEFENSE. Departmental work.

Abraham Boulder.

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