Thesis for the 3rd Destruction of Europe and the World vs. Depth Psychiatry and it’s Affects on Applied Particle Physics

Heuristically, there is a thesis statement accepted as the epitome of Western Civilization maleficence which is considered “great” for its unfortunate, but necessary terribleness.  A Cro-Magnon/Neanderthal thinking that will leave us extinct, as they were.

In my disciplined considerations of objectivity in my environment, I have obtained a different conclusion.

Dangerous and lethal subjects mused upon, then asserted in a depth psychology/depth psychiatry affects these individuals psychology and psychiatry for a negative integer behavior that involves x to negative infinity.

It then branches out to affect via interpersonal psychology/psychiatry, affects others experiencing the antisocial behavior of a maladjusted  brain (adjustment disorder) in a two fold manner:  (1) the understood behaviors of abnormalities of a toxic psychiatric individual and the (2) toxic psychological behaviors of, maladjusted brain (adjustment disorder) leading to antisocial behavior and antisocial affect (emotion and mood)..  This is seeing human behavior as going, not just to zero in its value system and therefore aberrant, but recognizing and observing behaviors becoming negative in integer value to the full extent of a doomsday event of x to the negative infinity.

Now, to postulate what I assert strongly, is that this negative behavior, to x to the negative infinity event applies to assertions in depth psychology and depth psychiatry that result in a global disorder that can affect electronic behavior and transmissions.

If there is correct observation and progress in science both in applied particle physics and in social science, the human element would consider this innovative conception and working theory as “brilliant” work done with skill.  The U.S. American english definition would speak of skills that in the new economy of globalization are needed for survival, then any effort for thriving, when possible.  Genius lies, in the skills.  You can see a genius occur by watching a worker do their work. The scientific phenomenon is observable that includes the nature of the worker’s skills, the business’s existence, and worker know-how.  If the United States is to succeed, if the world is to produce workers advanced and using mental skills that are needed, the focus needs to be on the hands, head, and other body areas used for these skills and the genius that they do.  This is homo sapiens sapiens sapiens learning in his/her evolving form.

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