Cannabis Social Suicide

BBC had an article before they went “modern” that warned parents that Junk pot, Junk music, and Junk culture was for the youth of Britain, to simply kill themselves with.

Further to the horror, line or field psychiatrists determine in exceeding amount of schizophrenia developing with those smoking this Junk pot.

Now Britain has skunk pot, and the America hemisphere has developed other highly intensive THC compounds leading frequently or very frequently to schizophrenia. Or to severe cannabis brain disorder.

Joyful recreational pot was originally produced as a strain of cannoboid compounds to enhance the mind’s creativity.  This pot doesn’t seem to exist at this time, and as we go legal on cannabis, this strain is what the cannabis people want, and it supports the work world.  Users should take a part of a bud and cook it for a buzz instead of smoking it which only disables you from proceeding to live your life, get on with the work at hand, or do housework (counterproductive).

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