Fabian Society Final Act–please pass the Paris accords.

As the immune system weakens from watchful eyes on ever increasing chaos, undisturbed, the viral entry into our genome continues–viral genes with human genes.

Forty percent of the human genome is already viral genes.  With the susceptibility, or sensitivity of the human organism to viruses increasing, more genes’ expressions will develop disorders above or below the brainstem (brainstem included above or below, depending on instance). What was– rare ailments–will increase exponentially. 

More mental disorder for those whose “brain” gene expression commands disorder. More major disease for the body from whose “body” expression becomes disordered.

The enjoyment of what was, will be interrupted by an intense development of genes whose expression consequently yields an assortment of diseases–increasing exponentially.

Never has there been seen such a pleasing outcome, for medical specialists, it is a pathologist’s ecstasy, his or her Nirvana!

Now they can buy their yacht!  But look at what kind of shape we all will be in, including the”healthy!”. Do you really enjoy luxury along with multiple major disease?!  (A lot of them, having been rare.)

Abraham Boulder.

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