Why an iceberg? Why target that object?

You can easily say, simply, “Because it is there!”

But there’s more to it than that.

Let’s see, dancing and prancing about, intoxicated and in tuxedos, they promptly sailed the seas.

And what of it? Well, each, in some way, a distinguished guest.  All sure of themselves, all propped up in storefront glamour.

But in order to sail past an iceberg, with a mighty ship, you need to look below the surface.

Let’s look at Big Pharma; well, medicine rightly prescribed with effective dosage, or with feedback from patients, a half of a dosage of medication can go along way in ageing America.

But if politics has become the grand ballroom, and grand fake act, there is no reason not to think that “mellow years” of our candidates, assuming they need to take medication at any given time, can easily be made into a marketing scam on very large profit-taking run on Wall Street.

In other words, what he or she takes, is important to billions of people, and if it’s a dangerous drug, marketed as safe, then they are in a position to make a huge net gain in profit, before the drug nosedives.

Which brings me to appeal to the reader to put their attention on the candidates:

What we have here, is frankly, competition.  But the candidates may be prescribed something for them to relax themselves before the next venture, and list of assertions are made.

If you don’t look below the surface, someone, from the myriad of M.D.’s can quite legally prescribe something for the person that exactly has side-effects that hamper best judgement or correct judgement in it’s entirety.

This can go on throughout the Presidential Period.  The politician can be propped up, have command of a flashed speech across a screen, be involved with spin doctors, and mass marketing of agendum, and able to speak in formal ways–all the while–pumped up with drugs that Are Not medically advisable, and so, hamper judgement, sometimes: completely, and prevent sound advice.

Abraham Boulder

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