What are you waiting for?” -Nickleback

“I want electronics!” you say.

Well, why don’t you build “Human Command” for newly developing AI tool.

And while your at it, develop anti-AI virus because you know! they’re going to develop AI virus just to get you!!

You’re going to need all the brain thinkings you can muster.  The way you click on that mouse on the computer you’ll need plenty  of AI brain thinkin’s . . . and “home base” or Human Command.

“Try “pulling-software” that sets up project management as  a computer Director to human command that lets you approve functions of your own computer Assistant generated by the same project management software (but modified by Human Command). To halt decision-making on any parts of the project handled by  the computer Director and run human-approved diagnostics of a causal nature whereby decision-making was the computer Director’s (the cause) following datasets of results of the computer Director. The effect winds up being, “questioning the integrity or soundness of decisions made by the computer Director in a counterpoint checked  with human-generated diagnostic tools serving as computer assistants to effect a “thumbs up” or a “thumbs down” on computer AI-generated decision-making of the computer Director’s

Isn’t it time to develop human intelligence in computer software that advances to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens–keeps human command in computer programs and diagnostic generators for human control of computer tools.

Abraham Boulder.  Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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