“Little ditty ’bout Jack and Diane, two American kids doing the best that they can” -Mellenkamp

Simply put.

Karl Rove doctrine speaks of global professionals versus general population.

But the new economy comes from start-ups which have a playing field of innovation, novelty, hatd-to-beat good sense.

So why does PCB’s mafia Ph.D seem to corroborate with that doctrine.

Let me introduce you to a few truths in this world starting now.

People on hard times seeking legal business, seeking legitimacy: once “doing” winds up with every God forsaken idiot playing genius roles on their business to apply the outdated “chaos theory” that needs to be applied on every professor who ever spoke the subject.

Without sounding jingoist, but holding our Defense Department accountable to use intel to stop waves of “disaster-creators” sicing people who ferment their ideas and send them on their way by way of the vagus nerve‐-to heart and mind.

The ideas to sell something, build something, work in groups for the best pay in cooperatives where each and everyone must come through to meet mandatory deadlines for profit, solvency, and prospering.

A Defense Department with Special Forces to gun down those who act against Mom and Pop starting a business.

Defense Department intel that learns the connection of anarchist-touting and communist-touting state operatives from Europe, Japan, and the Middle East that connects with fellow economic pushers, pimps, human traffickers doing what they can to shut down: independent acting families and indepedent seeking practical solution finders to life’s everyday problems.

Instead of thinking “how to knock a family held business out of the ‘race;” think instead, “whst is it I’m hearing these people need now and orhers like them.”

“What would aid in a business doing good business and on it’s way to suceed”

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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