Dark, dark humor intent and ideal, how destroying intellectual property and personal lives is not acceptable.

Kafka-esque and Najinsky and black comedy.

Jokers before “The Joker.”  Embezzlers and character assasinations before sophisticated punch lines of gilt facade of dummies.

Who use tri-state sources as a cover for illegitimate buiness and intel for personal business.

Who is kidding here?

Who works with a white national extremist who ovesees thousands of educated Jews repeatedly zapped with high-voltage tasers to death. Is this humorous or genocide?

Black comedy of Najinsky and Russian ballet, Kafka-esque Nazi cabaret insinuating “nobody is safe” from a “Joker’s” literally deadly humor that character assasinates brutally and cruelly with gutter guffaws and illegal business and rip-offs to displease society and ransack and burglarize and auto-theft going against Amendment 14 of U.S. Consttution and Washington State constitution that together state John Locke’s “rights” of “life, liberty, and property.”

Decency takes second fiddle to black comic criminals stealing, debasing, and destroying reputations of men and women in a less- than-perfect world.

Abraham Boulder

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