When faeries fill the field

Carrying wands in their hands for fun and action, these said male faeries fly around and fill the betting world with competition to see who can make the U.S. a greater loser nation than other faeries’ ability based on how “high” they get people under their wing.

Doctor’s legally or illegally prescribe too much opoids and satisfied that they dump these drugs in their client’s blood system.

This incident is extreme rogue activity of 1984 or Brave New World style.

In practical terms just getting drugs as available chemicals is what some are concerned with.

But medical doctors including a psychiatrist who prescribes these medications can have discipline to not overmedicate and listen to the patient to adjust their medication.

A patient not put in psychiatric disorder with opoid substances can cope better than the status quo and the amounts of dosages prescribed can be minimized instead of maximized which is charlaran‐doctor’s expertise.

Correctly prescribed dosages, utilizing possibly 1 or 2 mg pills as part of fine tuning the total dosage may be in order.  And maintain an actual order of comfort, without stressing the consumer with brain-disorder status, effects.

Abraham Boulder

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