In hysterical thinking, sound judgment needs to be implemented.  Any principles in this form of engagement relevant and stable?

All-out war is symbolic of 8th civilization demise remains in people and culture.  Zombie living.

9th World civilization with Japan and Europe America1st G200 G40 from the crosswinds of the Sinai peninsula.

Homo (sapiens) (sapiens)  sapiens. Destiny.

What is very, very acute IQ and rot at the toga party. No hope.  Winnable by no win win only. It’s “inevitable.”

Nazi (an imbalance: an abuse of power of IQ) to EQ AQ (affect intelligence) SQ (healthy values and healthy meaning) WQ (wisdom intelligence: what does not put you to sleep. What, instead, takes you by the collar and shakes you in your timbers;
in order to stop and consider the third stroke.)

Since the first stroke strike the target and the second stroke drives the first stroke to the target–the third stroke is the “jew stroke” which begs the question, are we on target?

And whether this is in fact the correct target at any given time? And whether or not if there is something else?

And what is it?  Speak up and state your name at the finish of your part of the discussion.

What is to be discussed and driven home and then stopped in midtrack to consider something else more important than the present strike.

An alternative strike.  Or, something entirely different than the present strike, or any other strike.  A question driven by the Jew in us.

Abraham Boulder   –Keven.

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