Dark metaphysics: sparks of chanq

Divine illumination concealed in physical material: Corning glass (c.).

Capable of handling the ocean’s shores with possible modification to fortify at the sea shore.

“deny ha-Shem? Something to die for” Judaic principle

Contrarily, Nietzsche “says God is dead!”

Freeing the philosophical mind to consider an agency of man, the Higher Self, that by definition of “faith” is the Higher Power “sacred carrot” of Alcoholics Anonymous; and all endeavors that matters.

Because we keep ourselves in company with constructive Spirit as social brains and goodness and love affirmed in heart at ideal moments and as a continuing idealogue.

Except that “we are unable to do what we need to do ourselves.”

It is for this reason that our minds are trained by our brains to be social: accompanying focus on others, significant other, and sacred Other: the source for human singularity in metanormal energy (chanq), with matter, or subject: “of constructive achievement by literal dead-lines.”

Coupled with “correct behavior” right or wrong, good or bad, left or right—even exteme right and extreme left–whatever the day is, whenever the time comes, there is a correct action to be perceived and acted on at the moment of no return: now!

-Keven Jung Young.

Abraham Boulder.

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