PCB censors and our defending for our WQ offense

PCB censors term, “ethical responsibility” that originates from wisdom intelligence (WQ) from Mesopotanian Hebrew origins against his intellectual intelligence (IQ) ancient Greco-Roman Macedonian destruction (Dionysus’ murder and suicide).

Wisdom intelligence (WQ) awakens a contemporaneous urgency to “attentive now” for language that grasps upon “the requirements for flipping in 3 years what will actually take four.”

Therefore a 24-hour clock is practical and ethically responsible.

Also, the three-8 hour shifts’ employment based on internet feedback loops akin to Toyota’s Prius in thoroughness, time-sensitive mission, open communication, and discouragement of irrelevant “Man” fights yield the efficacy and productivity requirements.

Three sectors of the Earth-based solar time can handle the workers’ employment in 8-hour daylight shifts on the 24-hour clock, whereby headquarters can be maintained in host, origin nation-states.

Use the globe after nascent origin undertakings.  Globalization with America 1st.

Abraham Boulder.  -Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Vasquez Asia.

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