Something I wanted to share.

Hi – I’m reading “The Freedom to Be Free: From Thinking Without a Banister (A Vintage Short)” by Hannah Arendt and wanted to share this quote with you.

“Only those who know freedom from want can appreciate fully the meaning of freedom from fear, and only those who are free from both want and fear are in a position to conceive a passion for public freedom, to develop within themselves that goût or taste for liberté and the peculiar taste for” égalité or equality that liberté carries within it*4 . . . . P. 16

Abraham Boulder:

I appeal to taste. There is not a helluvah alot more in this essay. It takes on discussion of the successful American Revolution. The caveat of the French Revolution. And the caveat of absolutism in the Russian revolution.

It then mentions Kant and discusses a point that is from Machiavelli.

It’s a good read. You can borrow it from the library, I think, but is worth the low price to own a copy anyway.

It’s one of the best short reads I ever encountered–enjoy!!

-Abraham Boulder.

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