Scholastic value. Science. Know-nothings. State w/U.S. Constitution w/no rights (“don’t know them,” with brains like PCB, you can’t even think–do you want to statistically evaluate his psi destructive power??). Elimination. Hegmony BBQ. All 100 of them. On Earth–dead.

But Sir Issac Newton questions seriously that a challenge like totalitarianism, could possibly stop eternity and stop souls from after-life experience. Do we dare to take a chance on totalitarianism?

Even now Russia’s Orthodox Church is a museum piece and spirit is manipulated. Gassendi said, “reason is an aspect of spirit.”

The only spirit that is allowed is manipulation by Andre Greykov. Eternity gone. Do you want to be manipulated by totalitarian leaders? Do you want twisted totalitarian thinking to force us to suicide?

Know alot. No Ghandi. Anti-existential. To the best.

Abraham Boulder

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