Well to consider: a medley.

I got two books to consider children’s health.

The author is not God–her word is not the final say, and she Can be disempowered as, “snooty and irrelevant” in an age where mental illness disables, on a spectrum, a large part of the population in this country and the world. Such illness can damper friendly relations as the child is hampered by her illness and doesn’t have enough concentration ability to learn cues.

As a result–in turn, the child (and as an adult too) may have autism spectrum–having difficulty in group interaction that can be caused by things like: industrial pollution intake, retardation, and steroid abuse. Here the emphasis is on a spectrum where focus is spent on social cues and cognitive behavioral (emotional) solutions to sociability in this professional field, lacking in the field of mental health.

Mind you, there is a case, as in the medical field where ingestion of drugs or chemicals are taken either to ease the doldrums, or deal with the philosophical “fall of human,” and impending plague that concerted effort is Not engaged, or under-funded, in response to the need for effective continual effort throughout the period of vulnerability.

This is concern for the businessman and businesswoman to market value in increasing demand for new antibiotics. As diversity dwindles, it only seems natural that bioengineering play a larger role, not just as “testing mass,” but genetic manipulation employed in industry to get closer and closer to an effective anti-biotic product. Introduction of start-ups in the playing field is not uncommon when monopoly does not keep up with demand.

This is industry that private initiative leads, and must continue to strive in, entailing reinvestment in work-for-effective solutions, involving divergent brain thinking, as described in Harvard Medical School’s book about brain works.

This then is a satisfactory response or reaction, opposing firms taking holiday all the time.

I remind you, that “working hard” could be too much pressure from the top, in order to spend more time on vacation; rather than more effective leadership from the top and below that increases efficiency and efficacy of the chance of solution but trial-and-error.

One more thing. I always wondered if you are taking the mass of failures and studying them to detect a lead as to find the cure. To answer the question and find the solution by the failure data, instead of just by the “may work” pile.

Abraham Boulder

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