Trymindsight©, hindsight, insight, foresight, spirit-sight (spirit envision).

Sorcery, having known, through the occult rearing and Aryan utterances, is now faced with an attempt at developing natural ontological philosophy for the purpose of confirming by valid scientific-experiment form, what amounts to, I hope, principles of Eternity and spirit-figures.

First of all, if universal consciousness is, indeed, throughout the universe, then our phenomenal information, incorporeally has already influenced other “Homo sapiens” with other color-and-size suns whose large-body physics on their exoplanets are similar to our own.

If indeed universal consciousness is confined to our solar system, idea quanta may get bigger and smaller and color change by changes of speed to other galaxies.

Spirit-sight (spirit envision) information involving loves, tears, and smiles, and joy–envisioning understanding and assent–stay primarily in our galaxy, as we return to exoplanet Earth in the following 365- day multiples–as if for the first time (Hegelian profundity) where Eternity for our species is in jeopardy, postmortem spirit-sight in question, over whether the Spirit can survive with encroaching Toltalitarianism.

Premise 1:. We shall live.  Destiny is possible, achievable, win-able, striven for, with Real dead-lines suceeded.

Hayek remains the center political position of economic science while reforms, right and left are made, in history.

Democracy the memes used by our republic.

As Evretim, I can’t but help feeling that suffering of Spirit has to do with absolute power of a few on the Earth manipulating spirit instead of a more acceptable moratorium from manipulation as we go about our business of living and rushing about here and there.

As for growth: it may have to do with a second possible Premise 2:  living-matter-has- consciousness, paticularly via organic group interaction, what can be surmised to be the animating principle of creation; which now needs to be understood, also, as an animating principle of post-mortem afterlife producing life in its variety of forms and interrelated to one another by recycling nature in the soil.

Thus attributing to a growth in consciousness in an incorporeal spirit experiencing a form of reincarnation from an extension of spirit by added consciousness.

While the soul, itself, is seen by the faithful and by art, as images, securely in the religious domain of incorporeality.  This being our beliefs, our faith, a form of sanity, and what by behavioral science, pulls billions of people forward, in oftentimes impossible systems, and overwhelming hardship.

Cries of newbornes, cries of joy, cries of dying (Aryan utterances), which, in a sense are forms of music–one of joyful mirth, one of mournful death.

I guess my Russian background, clung to sombriety of calamity, happening even now in Russia, and my surroundings, involving human trafficking, ethnic cleansing, and just plain genocide of everyone.

I wished to make (compose, really), a celebration of the living coupled with a catchy rythmic melody that aided the human capacity to survive. 

This would go down nicely with contrasting Mother Earth’s bass at the time of, earthquake–occuring around a large tract of the planet, experiencing what Chile and Alaska experience repeatedly and quite often.
To cries, or music of alarm:  let me tell an anecdote:  Haiti had a 7.0 earthquake and 200,000 people died.  Then people weren’t given aid, and 100,000 more Haitians died.

Chile had 9.0+ earthquakes entailing 500 dead frequently!  That’s the biggest earthquakes in the world! And minimal amount of people gone. How’s your musical tune now?!

If we don’t lose our cool –if people cooperate with one another–if the president doesn’t withhold funds in an emergency called “disaster,” partially or wholly–we will do okay.  Expect another quake a week or a week and a half after, smaller but still substantial–and survive!

A lot of the times the odds are 50:50–whether you want to live, or whether you want to die, before the quake–whether you hear the music of life, or only the music of death.  This includes brick building: those who are found may have decided earlier in soul searching.

Whether it matters to you to love–or just let go.

I always love vibrant music, I suppose some people think it’s too lively!  The one’s that would where a tux and chiffon dress on the Titanic, “And all agree to slam! into the iceberg!!” Uggh!

Abraham Boulder

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