“The Edge Effect”

The good doctor, author Dr. Braverman speaks, in his book, “The Edge Effect” of the “Electrical Edge.” He writes,

“We use four measurements to determine the relationship between brain function and the creation and delivery of human electricity to the rest of the body: voltage, speed, rhythm, and synchrony.”


  1. Hypothesis 1: the “physics portal” opportunity of children, and separately, to a major extent, adult creativity, relying on child-like impulses of electricity involving an “universal,” integrated health approach of biome response, evolves (entails/involves) quantum physics animation and decision-making that requires a thorough check-in prmarily with your significant Other, or in freeing up the sex response: others. Also, family input via communication, within the individual adult (Parent, or parenting) “portal of opportunity” of quantum physics animating principle, related to spirit; or Chi energy vital life force.

Such a portal of decision-making has been quoted in literary form as centimeters or 100th of a second.

And so goes literary expression that I, Abraham Boulder, believe it’s more aligned with a millisecond of quantum physics animation (spirit animation principle on matter, or Chi vital life energy, nourishing and revitalizing, or reborn), with decision-making from “aliveness of color” from feeling integrated health, and confirmed or disapproved by conscience and significant Other, in a complete body, particles physics, affect-intelligent circuit, instead of passage, to and from, the brain via electricity steming from brain neurons to body neurons, and back.

This complete circuit of biome may involve introducing idea quanta subparticles shifting from color-tone-to-color-tone, and involves a response of microbiome from head to toe, in subparticle motion, delivery, and consequent body–to-head feedback. Not something desired repeatedly, without end. A product of rearing and Parental love, in behavior.

Challenged by competing anti-biological-to-life, and, therefore, I posit, anti-matter physics that disturbs synchrony, rhythm in electricity, and causes anti-affect intelligence in depth psychiatry, depth psychology, depth socioeconomics, and depth historical analyses that include conscious observation and hindsight, and also depth, intuitive function in the “hidden brain” of the common unconscious, from sources like the Soviet, Communist Party, Fascism, Totalitarianism, and democratic and republic deadweight foresight, of liberal and conservative political philosophy.

Sometimes, history answers, instead of group interaction. Answers to falseness in Straussian philosophy, and responses disfavorable to post-Straussian legal enactments under false pretenses and suppositions as unconstitutional lawmaking, and calling into play-action, the U.S. Declaration of Independence.

In an Age of Crisis, amendments in a series, should be studied for global economic engagement, and internal socioeconomic strife, and voted on for inclusion in this living document constituted for piloting in the 21st Century.

Abraham Boulder.

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