Future questions that may, or may not apply, in some future time . . .

Either fight, die, or live morally through a war, and the public counterparts.  Then sign official document for peace, or we die immorally worldwide. If this is civil war, we have allies.

Is it more important the State of Totalitarianism or democracy? Is the Declaration of Independence calling for us to dissolve this present state government and protect and defend the U.S. Constitution and 50-state constitutions, or reach the Fall, apocalyptic vision, realized?

Is Eternity forever or Man stopped. Do souls exist or deconstructed? Are we too IQ smart, leading to murder and suicide, or do we adjust to WQ, wisdom intelligence that “bites at you” the truth, like over zealous police dogs, or do we pretend that there is only wisdom that puts us to sleep very quickly?

Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder

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