You want to know about central Asian trade relations: start with what is their primary motivators in psychiatric commerce!!

To my understanding, a “black” Asian is more interested in communication by chemicals doing less harm than good as a working human species organism associated with natural, other, working species organisms; than an intelligence of intellectual ballyhoo-ing about discussions outside the field of play, and unrelated to the immediate goings-on, involving the acquisition of enough currency, or money, by commerce, or financial-institution members to “earn a living, or better that.”

Cigarette motivators and brain comprehension of present status.

Industrial chemistry and State action.

Related to earning a living, or better achievement, is confidence in the financial markets that we will be here tomorrow, and that goals are in place for project scheduling and management of periodic assessments of meeting actual dead-line commitments; and how to correctly facilitate the handling of urgent matters, and bottom-line results.

True North ascendacy entailing State-sanctioned industries using behavioral science motivators, emphasizing long-term planning goals of 5-year intervals, 20-year intervals, 50-year intervals, and 100-year intervals for a 200-300 year window-deadline spread.

Let me say this, Freud didn’t seem to be clear on the species’ death and destruction, he understood a healthy loving stature, but genocide was not fully grapsed by him.

What we have now is an interruption   “We are late in civilization” said by the esteemed professor in The Great Courses on “Why does evil exist?”

What we learn is that a new civilization starts early in a late, previous civilization.

A world civilization amongst world societies, and nature preserves within local sovreignties.

-Keven Jung Young

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