Is PCB the one? Can the president find a shared vision of continuous huge (not obscene) profits with the green energy field subsidiaries of Parent oil companies that will be established? Is $25 trillion from green energy something to consider, like stock options in ventures of this sort of New market, that includes green start-ups competing, or bought outright by the large corporations. Promised after presidential power is released from the president?

Extensive use of PCB as a archetype in common subconscious encourages linguistic’s verbal command, and sentence construction modeled on language centered on PCB’s personality.

Working at irreputable establishments, owned by old, tired, and utterly uncaring leadership (sincerity), although outcomes can be persuaded from business universes needing to ask “what’s-in-it-for-me after 8-year tenured President Trump goes private, agreed to today in well-established, ever adaptable, and competent energy industry?

Of course, pay back needs to be gotten for such cooperation. When oil companies, or the energy field leadership asks for $40 carbon tax with the economically correct and superior Nature Conservancy and Conservancy International environmental stewardship groups, and the money returned as assets for the $2 trillion dollars debt incurred now, we ask the president to be reciprocal, and return the honor to the American public in kind!

We are philosophivally rot–putrefecation–plague driven in Western Civilization.  World civilization energy comes from salmon swimming upstream although entropy flows downstream.

life force vs. death wish in intuitive, functioning in common subconscious and syndicated, loosely in organized intel associations cooperating fully with one another, or terrorist cells via shared sentiment (affective intelligence organized by specific goals delineated on the internet), and intuitive rearing.
Thank you, Mr. President

Abraham Boulder, constituent of U.S.A.

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