Spirit and incorporeal matter (quantum physics) manipulation by the State.

Quantifier since 1919.

Ethics committee would have ruled on it since Church & State remains for the most part separate. And Soviet psi is unconstitutional based on the fact that the government is limited in power. Beyond power residing with the central government and the fifty states, the power lies with the constituents.

Amendment 8 specifies “no cruel or unusual punishment” that includes government not interfering in the personal life of the citizen. Not physically. And no absolute power, “look ma no hands” manipulation capability found in tyranny, that suppresses (undue pressure felt by the general public), depresses (physically and mentally), will not carry out a policy of oppression (wrongful imprisonment and murder), and tortures by Soviet psychiatry, depth psychiatry, psychology, depth psychiatry, behavioral science, depth behavioral science, medical techniques and “whole” integrative medicine.

These methodologies on action are unconstitutional, and felonies, or greater punishment (seditious).

Abraham Boulder

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