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Well to consider: a medley.

I got two books to consider children’s health.

The author is not God–her word is not the final say, and she Can be disempowered as, “snooty and irrelevant” in an age where mental illness disables, on a spectrum, a large part of the population in this country and the world. Such illness can damper friendly relations as the child is hampered by her illness and doesn’t have enough concentration ability to learn cues.

As a result–in turn, the child (and as an adult too) may have autism spectrum–having difficulty in group interaction that can be caused by things like: industrial pollution intake, retardation, and steroid abuse. Here the emphasis is on a spectrum where focus is spent on social cues and cognitive behavioral (emotional) solutions to sociability in this professional field, lacking in the field of mental health.

Mind you, there is a case, as in the medical field where ingestion of drugs or chemicals are taken either to ease the doldrums, or deal with the philosophical “fall of human,” and impending plague that concerted effort is Not engaged, or under-funded, in response to the need for effective continual effort throughout the period of vulnerability.

This is concern for the businessman and businesswoman to market value in increasing demand for new antibiotics. As diversity dwindles, it only seems natural that bioengineering play a larger role, not just as “testing mass,” but genetic manipulation employed in industry to get closer and closer to an effective anti-biotic product. Introduction of start-ups in the playing field is not uncommon when monopoly does not keep up with demand.

This is industry that private initiative leads, and must continue to strive in, entailing reinvestment in work-for-effective solutions, involving divergent brain thinking, as described in Harvard Medical School’s book about brain works.

This then is a satisfactory response or reaction, opposing firms taking holiday all the time.

I remind you, that “working hard” could be too much pressure from the top, in order to spend more time on vacation; rather than more effective leadership from the top and below that increases efficiency and efficacy of the chance of solution but trial-and-error.

One more thing. I always wondered if you are taking the mass of failures and studying them to detect a lead as to find the cure. To answer the question and find the solution by the failure data, instead of just by the “may work” pile.

Abraham Boulder

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Trymindsight©, hindsight, insight, foresight, spirit-sight (spirit envision).

Sorcery, having known, through the occult rearing and Aryan utterances, is now faced with an attempt at developing natural ontological philosophy for the purpose of confirming by valid scientific-experiment form, what amounts to, I hope, principles of Eternity and spirit-figures.

First of all, if universal consciousness is, indeed, throughout the universe, then our phenomenal information, incorporeally has already influenced other “Homo sapiens” with other color-and-size suns whose large-body physics on their exoplanets are similar to our own.

If indeed universal consciousness is confined to our solar system, idea quanta may get bigger and smaller and color change by changes of speed to other galaxies.

Spirit-sight (spirit envision) information involving loves, tears, and smiles, and joy–envisioning understanding and assent–stay primarily in our galaxy, as we return to exoplanet Earth in the following 365- day multiples–as if for the first time (Hegelian profundity) where Eternity for our species is in jeopardy, postmortem spirit-sight in question, over whether the Spirit can survive with encroaching Toltalitarianism.

Premise 1:. We shall live.  Destiny is possible, achievable, win-able, striven for, with Real dead-lines suceeded.

Hayek remains the center political position of economic science while reforms, right and left are made, in history.

Democracy the memes used by our republic.

As Evretim, I can’t but help feeling that suffering of Spirit has to do with absolute power of a few on the Earth manipulating spirit instead of a more acceptable moratorium from manipulation as we go about our business of living and rushing about here and there.

As for growth: it may have to do with a second possible Premise 2:  living-matter-has- consciousness, paticularly via organic group interaction, what can be surmised to be the animating principle of creation; which now needs to be understood, also, as an animating principle of post-mortem afterlife producing life in its variety of forms and interrelated to one another by recycling nature in the soil.

Thus attributing to a growth in consciousness in an incorporeal spirit experiencing a form of reincarnation from an extension of spirit by added consciousness.

While the soul, itself, is seen by the faithful and by art, as images, securely in the religious domain of incorporeality.  This being our beliefs, our faith, a form of sanity, and what by behavioral science, pulls billions of people forward, in oftentimes impossible systems, and overwhelming hardship.

Cries of newbornes, cries of joy, cries of dying (Aryan utterances), which, in a sense are forms of music–one of joyful mirth, one of mournful death.

I guess my Russian background, clung to sombriety of calamity, happening even now in Russia, and my surroundings, involving human trafficking, ethnic cleansing, and just plain genocide of everyone.

I wished to make (compose, really), a celebration of the living coupled with a catchy rythmic melody that aided the human capacity to survive. 

This would go down nicely with contrasting Mother Earth’s bass at the time of, earthquake–occuring around a large tract of the planet, experiencing what Chile and Alaska experience repeatedly and quite often.
To cries, or music of alarm:  let me tell an anecdote:  Haiti had a 7.0 earthquake and 200,000 people died.  Then people weren’t given aid, and 100,000 more Haitians died.

Chile had 9.0+ earthquakes entailing 500 dead frequently!  That’s the biggest earthquakes in the world! And minimal amount of people gone. How’s your musical tune now?!

If we don’t lose our cool –if people cooperate with one another–if the president doesn’t withhold funds in an emergency called “disaster,” partially or wholly–we will do okay.  Expect another quake a week or a week and a half after, smaller but still substantial–and survive!

A lot of the times the odds are 50:50–whether you want to live, or whether you want to die, before the quake–whether you hear the music of life, or only the music of death.  This includes brick building: those who are found may have decided earlier in soul searching.

Whether it matters to you to love–or just let go.

I always love vibrant music, I suppose some people think it’s too lively!  The one’s that would where a tux and chiffon dress on the Titanic, “And all agree to slam! into the iceberg!!” Uggh!

Abraham Boulder

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The Pen-is is my sword. And the Pist-al is my Art’s blossoming from within, and my facing a brutal existence throughout, gamemanship of Man– aryan, and finding a place for myself to reap solitude, and disseminate Destiny.

Abraham Boulder

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Example #1

Notebook for

The Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena

Radin PhD, Dean

Citation (APA): Radin PhD, D. (2010). The Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena [Kindle Android version]. Retrieved from

Theme 2 Evidence

Highlight (yellow) – 12 – Applications > Location 3658

Most people don’t care how psi works, only that it works.

Highlight (yellow) – 12 – Applications > Location 3661

medicine, military, detective work, technology, and business.

Highlight (yellow) – 12 – Applications > Location 3668

Edgar Cayce,

Highlight (yellow) – 12 – Applications > Location 3670

D. Lawrence Burk,

Bookmark – 12 – Applications > Location 3673

Highlight (yellow) – 12 – Applications > Location 3673

He did not mention the girl’s symptoms or the results of the X-rays and magnetic resonance imaging. As Burk described it, the intuitive thought for a few seconds, then replied, “There is a tumor in the pelvis working its way into the spine.

Highlight (yellow) – 12 – Applications > Location 3676

The results of a biopsy, taken after this reading, revealed that the tumor was indeed cancerous.

Note – 12 – Applications > Location 3677

But is this synchronous entanglement that makes a precogitivee statement that is old fashion at the right moment of physics to be a tipping point for malignant cancer. Does this model of inquiry be valid in other trials besides this possible one “trial.”

–Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy.

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“All is determined” by infinite projections and bombardments of matter–Scientific Determinism

“all is determined” means all is planned for, a full package, completely engineered; although a set of random numbers provide me with a curve, I only have a predisposition to favor it–not a hard fast rule that dictates absolute consistency. My behavior I may likely do this or that but “at the cm of pause” I can seize a portal moment that can be taken to take me out of orbit of customary determinism, or out of it’s projection.

Genius can be this way, but before you make your way through rounds of applause, there may be quite a dry spell of accusations to some erratic behavior, that does not necessarily mean you’re being violent, but you are, teased, at least–“for being off-centered” and acute anxiety disordered diagnosed people may quite abnormally say that the State has no place to not act against someone not hurting themselves or someone else for difference or diversity. But a normal response, using reasonable human nature and natural law, and the U.S. Code of law, as its written, would question the state’s evolving policy, that lawfully I’m a free man– although the state in it’s disloyalty and betrayal to the human race for quantum computers, artificial currency, artificial markets, . . . artificial consumers–as our fate in determinism. And begin the protest of fate, instead for destiny of AI tool, bio-engineering, bio-diversty, quantum computing.

These are incredible opportunities with rockets blasting and blaring everywhere in a celebration remeniscent of the 4th, in-your-head, but leadership needs correct projections on real DEADlines everystep of the way researched sources from Earth Science’s private university contribution, with possible additional help from public universities. A private initiative goes on its own–it always welcomes assistance from state(s).

Abraham Boulder. Keven.

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Bells will be ringin’

The government is limited in power constitutionally to keep the representative government from it’s constituents and from their respective church, synagogue, mosque, or temple.

State is separate from Church not just in buildings constructed, but incorpreally, so that the mind is not overwhelmed by the State, and mind can “hear” the Spirit, and feel.

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Sick gov’ts allegedly involved mass killings need dismissal

Sweden and Demark subjects under gun.

-Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy

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Breaking through Gridlock: answers

Abraham Boulder

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Notes on natural “psyche” phenomenon

Notebook for

The Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena

Radin PhD, Dean

Citation (APA): Radin PhD, D. (2010). The Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena [Kindle Android version]. Retrieved from


Highlight (yellow) – Location 137

“Recent experiments in

Highlight (pink) – Location 138

remote viewing

Highlight (yellow) – Location 138

and other studies in parapsychology suggest that there exists an ‘interconnectiveness’

Highlight (yellow) – Location 138

of the human mind with other minds and with matter.

Highlight (orange) – Location 139

functional in nature

Note – Location 139

Natural psyche, not parapsyche, paranormal

Highlight (yellow) – Location 139

amplified by intent and emotion.”

Highlight (yellow) – Location 143

scientific anomalies

Highlight (yellow) – Location 143

they are what they appear to be,

Highlight (orange) – Location 144

their theoretical (and, eventually, their practical) implications are

Highlight (orange) – Location 144


Highlight (yellow) – Location 149

University of Oregon

Highlight (yellow) – Location 149

the National Research Council’s review committee on parapsychology.

Highlight (yellow) – Location 159

statistical results of the studies examined are far beyond what is expected by chance.

Highlight (yellow) – Location 160

similar magnitude to those found in government-sponsored research … have been replicated at a number of laboratories across the world.

Note – Location 161

statistics that are valid

Highlight (pink) – Location 162

It is recommended that future experiments

Highlight (pink) – Location 162

focus on understanding how this phenomenon works, and on how to make it as useful as possible.

Highlight (orange) – Location 163

There is little benefit to continuing experiments designed to offer proof.”12

Highlight (yellow) – Location 166


Highlight (yellow) – Location 171

And although we still have strong reservations about most of the research in parapsychology, we find the recent work on telepathy worthy of careful consideration.”

Note – Location 173

So what, we know do a China-India-Russo-Korea-Tokyo-China@Taiwan madness of complete world consciousnes? without common unconscious and private, personal unconscious???

Highlight (yellow) – Location 174

New Scientist, a popular

Highlight (yellow) – Location 179


Note – Location 179

Are they published in respectable journals for peer review?

Highlight (yellow) – Location 181


Note – Location 181

Who has applied communism:. do they actually complete job assignments steadily. Does their work have relevance, or just “filler” for deadweights and murderers, and thieves??!

Highlight (yellow) – Location 183


Highlight (orange) – Location 187


Highlight (yellow) – Location 188


Note – Location 188

Post-modernity, living conditions development, worthy of replication.

Highlight (yellow) – Location 189


Highlight (yellow) – Location 190


Highlight (yellow) – Location 194


Highlight (yellow) – Location 195

a new form of scientifically valid evidence appeared—

Highlight (pink) – Location 195

empirical data

Highlight (pink) – Location 197

produced according to well-accepted scientific procedures.

Highlight (yellow) – Location 201

As we’ll see, the question of replicability—can independent, competent investigators obtain approximately the same results in repeated experiments?—is fundamental to making the scientific case for psi.

Highlight (blue) – Location 205


Highlight (yellow) – Location 205


Highlight (yellow) – Location 205


Highlight (pink) – Location 205

psychic healing,

Highlight (pink) – Location 207

focus largely on “process-oriented” questions

Highlight (yellow) – Location 208


Highlight (yellow) – Location 208


Highlight (pink) – Location 209

the “mass mind” of groups of people

Note – Location 209

This has been my focus and alarm dictated, not scare.

Highlight (blue) – Location 210

psi effects in casino gambling and lottery games

Note – Location 210

behavioral economics and derivative and futures betting

Highlight (yellow) – Location 210

applications of psi

Highlight (yellow) – Location 212

they are probably expressed in more ways than anyone had previously thought.

Highlight (yellow) – Location 216


Note – Location 216

psi means soul. Consciousness and animating principle played into energy and matter is neuropsychology and behavioral psychology. Common unconscious of linguistics and natural ontological philosophy coupled with affective assertions from limbic system to limbic system, although meaning of linguistics is found shared in a commons:. tennis court, basketball court, golf course, mall etc. occupied by two or more people as a group.

Highlight (yellow) – Location 222

science, which is essentially a loose

Highlight (yellow) – Location 223

confederation of evolving theories in many domains.

Highlight (yellow) – Location 224

belligerent skeptics

Highlight (yellow) – Location 226

history amply demonstrates that science progresses mainly by funerals, not by reason and

Highlight (yellow) – Location 226

logic alone.

Highlight (yellow) – Location 229

psychology, sociology, and history of science.

Note – Location 230

We appear to be going away from applied totalitarianism’s anti-matter quantum-intermediary-effective physical results, and genocide orientation.

Highlight (yellow) – Location 231


Note – Location 231

of the universe within the world.

Highlight (yellow) – Location 232

A related issue is how science deals with anomalies,

Highlight (orange) – Location 234


Note – Location 234

The word gets marked!

Highlight (yellow) – Location 235

“pre judging,”

Note – Location 235

Prejudging to cancel valid precognitive intermediary physics philosophy!!

Highlight (blue) – Location 235


Highlight (blue) – Location 235

what is presumed to be scientifically valid.

Highlight (blue) – Location 235

how scientific disciplines rarely talk to one another,

Highlight (blue) – Location 236

the historical abyss between science and religion,

Highlight (blue) – Location 239


Highlight (blue) – Location 245

science, philosophy, and religion

Highlight (yellow) – Location 248


Highlight (yellow) – Location 248

under standing.

Note – Location 248

remaining religious Experience.

Highlight (blue) – Location 249

a grievous split between the private world of human experience and the public world as described by science.

Highlight (blue) – Location 250

science has provided little understanding

Highlight (blue) – Location 251


Highlight (blue) – Location 251


Bookmark – Location 252

Highlight (blue) – Location 252

technological blunders,

Highlight (yellow) – Location 256

What is psi?

Abraham/Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia

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Notes of Intermediary science of physics–from book by-Dean Radin Ph.D.

From consciousness–>”I”–>classical “physical” physics (corporeal)

Assuming consciousness is in quantum dimension.

Applied communism or applied totalitarianism–>contains anti-matter and does death, is death, to the human species.

Liberal political philosophy cojoined in group interaction of conservative political philosophy has the vested interest in Destiny, the need for “me” to survive but in order for “me” to do that, intelligence must not be too “heightened,” a “broader” wisdom intelligence (WQ) is on the horizon that needs to “grab you by the arm” and make it clear to you that “we are reaching negative one on the value index (nuclear holoucaust), and thusly, greater emphasis and attention to wisdom intelligence, WQ (what is used–at a certain moment, or another article, or from “outside the box,” or not-at-all) is essential.

Do separate intelligences–IQ and WQ (also EQ, and SQ). Use only in context with the matter at hand; that is: application is done in some theoretical context. Intelligences do not run rampid without contextual propositions.

Consciousness hooked up to the physical universe means liguistics takes the form of intermediary physics as “language filler” between quantum dimension and travelling to classical physics dimension in a state of consciousness requiring this intermediary “language filler.”

Totalitarianism consciousness of chaos: immobilizing a human subject, occurs in effect from anal, terrorist-affect with rhe addition of a cognitive statement of the conscious State, saying: “what’s the matter” to the human subject–silently–at the precise moment that the human needs to locate their ID to go outside, and it entails “look Ma, no hands,, and clearly, an unheard statement of “what’s the matter?”–unheard by the subject party, thusly, raising anxiety to pique performance and aquiring a miserable environment of the doldrums for the human subject, whom (although not true when the anxiety is not present) enquires, “why can’t I get anything done right,” having no clear indication that a Statesman has deliberately interfered with his miserly freedom–without direct contact other than a conscious intermediary between totalitarian physical infrastructure housing Staresman separate from human subject, at home in his residence.

Abraham Boulder.

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