“All is determined” by infinite projections and bombardments of matter–Scientific Determinism

“all is determined” means all is planned for, a full package, completely engineered; although a set of random numbers provide me with a curve, I only have a predisposition to favor it–not a hard fast rule that dictates absolute consistency. My behavior I may likely do this or that but “at the cm of pause” I can seize a portal moment that can be taken to take me out of orbit of customary determinism, or out of it’s projection.

Genius can be this way, but before you make your way through rounds of applause, there may be quite a dry spell of accusations to some erratic behavior, that does not necessarily mean you’re being violent, but you are, teased, at least–“for being off-centered” and acute anxiety disordered diagnosed people may quite abnormally say that the State has no place to not act against someone not hurting themselves or someone else for difference or diversity. But a normal response, using reasonable human nature and natural law, and the U.S. Code of law, as its written, would question the state’s evolving policy, that lawfully I’m a free man– although the state in it’s disloyalty and betrayal to the human race for quantum computers, artificial currency, artificial markets, . . . artificial consumers–as our fate in determinism. And begin the protest of fate, instead for destiny of AI tool, bio-engineering, bio-diversty, quantum computing.

These are incredible opportunities with rockets blasting and blaring everywhere in a celebration remeniscent of the 4th, in-your-head, but leadership needs correct projections on real DEADlines everystep of the way researched sources from Earth Science’s private university contribution, with possible additional help from public universities. A private initiative goes on its own–it always welcomes assistance from state(s).

Abraham Boulder. Keven.

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