Latest journal entry after Sacred Read (below):

39 For the leader; for Jeduthun. A psalm of David. 2I resolved I would watch my step lest I offend by my speech; I would keep my mouth muzzled while the wicked man was in my presence. 3I was dumb, silent; I was verya still while my pain was intense. 4My mind was in a rage, my thoughts were all aflame; I spoke out: 5Tell me, O LORD, what my term is, what is the measure of my days; I would know how fleeting my life is. 6You have made my life just handbreadths long; its span is as nothing in Your sight; b-no man endures any longer than a breath.-b Selah. 7Man walks about as a mere shadow; mere futility is his hustle and bustle, amassing and not knowing who will gather in. 8What, then, can I count on, O Lord? In You my hope lies. 9Deliver me from all my transgressions; make me not the butt of the benighted. 10I am dumb, I do not speak up, for it is Your doing. 11Take away Your plague from me; I perish from Your blows. 12You chastise a man in punishment for his sin, consuming like a moth what he treasures. No man is more than a breath.
Selah. 13Hear my prayer, O LORD; give ear to my cry; do not disregard my tears; for like all my forebears I am an alien, resident with You. 14Look away from me, b-that I may recover,-b before I pass away and am gone.

August 28, 2016 Abraham Boulder.

Let me proceed: How Not to be good!”

“Shredded beef cooked on the barbie before maggots get to it and it becomes rotten flesh.”

I strive to be productive in Writ before professors of good renounce my plea.

Fair! Are they. Of good cheer, manner, and repose!

Be they bigots! Of such high statute–recoiled at the very notion that someone would put a Higher Power above himself for him to be responsibile to and love, so that His Presence can be loved on Earth, through Sanity and Love.

And to use that love, instead of seething hate, to be responsible in administering language eloquently bequeathed to the good to the ranks of the bleachers, with promise of what can happen under the bleechers; but, instead greatness involves major achievement, major effort, and perception of the traitor of the good-to-great that opposes every worker who must achieve greatness because they must do very, very high levels of productivity.

Good was never meant to be the final answer, but the start of achievement in the direction of greatness. For greatneess’ sake in globalized competion–within markets–between nations in trade.

Good can do be abused as the actual word for terribleness, acting as, “things are cool,” that enable terrorists that can pick such a numbing finding to hide their diabolical plots.

August 29, 2016.  Abraham Boulder.

The Declaration of Independence was always considered be the first legal document.  To assure no funny business from government, freedom of life, to be alive, needs to be lawful and an amendment to the Bill of Rights, and philosophical space needs be a fundamental statement as part of the U.S. Constitution, “that maintenance of a level of serenity or a distinct level of Sanity of a constituent’s mental health will never be compromised outside of necessary law enforcement in required forceful engagement, and will not be compromised during prisoner’s detainment in routine handling of prisoners.”

Abraham Boulder.

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