Hegelian universe, in agreement

History occurs as if for the first time for humans, and God learns about human action to learn more about Himself.

God is us. Constructive mojo. Goal is human destiny of (varieted) biogenetic survival.

Action required to measure and meet sheer productivity levels that are simply the definition of revolution, that be met to reach actual dead-lines for 11 years and then meet ecoequilibrium of this exoplanet in 250 years.

A human saliency, human singularity converging from the left and right, good, bad, right wrong. Convergence to correctness of solutions with many divergent answers to satisfy multi-dimensional requirements of planet Earth.

For thousand year Jesus saliency destiny to prepare diabolical human species for 1 million-year existence. With angelic flight to Earth for Divine intervention during a madly suicidal and homicidal human impetus.

Our Redeemer of Earth provides for us the sanity of human species done correctly by our development of 9th world civilization originating in the crosswinds of the Sinai.

And replacing rotted carcass of Cesar Rome vestiges whose Jesus continues with constutional authority, that church be separate from state, at least in principle. And that people of other faiths hold to secular, correctness, convergence of divergent 9th world civilization solutions–aside their personal beliefs–for human survival and permanence.

Although, in Q.E.D. form, the dinosaurs lasted 173 million years and they weren’t so bright. So by this logic of brains’ power we could last 276 million years.

May the homo sapiens sapiens cerebrum sustain and evolve with human command and AI Tool as the acceptable means of evolution.

May the cerebellum be bioengineered to meet human needs on planet Earth and other planets.

May our hearts meet the needs of both parts of the brain and an acceptable smart box prophalaxis for more than Q.E.D–to sound reasoning labeled wisdom intelligence, WQ, involving rearing, dating back to antiquity and forward thrust of revolutionary productivity of exponential development using AI deep learning and quantum computer speed.

Hence, neutralizing the “self-destruction” gene in order to propel us to Eternal grace. Making love lasting and our future real amongst our pasts and our present moments.


–Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia.

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